In Loving Memory of Doctor Glenn J Morris (1944-2006), Teacher, Master, Friend

Tao Semko
3 April, 2006

It is my great sorrow to announce that early Saturday morning, April 1st, 2006, Dr. Glenn J. Morris, my great master and even greater friend,
passed out of physical existence.

We received the news in a phone call on Saturday morning. I apologize, but I’ve taken a few days to compose myself before writing this to you.

Santiago and I both send our deepest condolences to Dr. Morris’s wife, Irena, to his whole family, to all of his friends and each and every individual whose life has been touched by his works.

Glenn left behind so much of his legacy in his books, in the teachers he trained, the insights and friendship he provided, and all of his recordings, and for that I give great thanks.

Doctor Morris’s wife Irena asked me to send her love to all who knew him, and to say how much she appreciates all the kind words she has received since losing him.

Like all who knew and loved him, I miss him deeply. The beautiful voidness of him, beyond body and personality, the real nature of him, remains in our hearts, while we try to not dissolve into tears remembering his personality and physical embodiment.

Though his death was sudden, Doctor Morris displayed his characteristic inner wisdom, presciently clarifying his teachings and mission in the last few months.

In the time since his death, we are experiencing the same “visits” many of Doc’s friends and students have been; his mirthful voice in our heads, enjoying this, his final, wry April Fools joke, letting us know not to grieve too much because his real self lives on, the self which is not his body, not even his beautiful, external, sometimes fragile, Cancerian personality, but that great light and darkness of the Void, the Union of Bliss and Emptiness that is the ultimate truth of each of our natures…

It is that truth which Doctor Morris introduced to Santiago and I, for which we remain forever grateful. It is that nature now that continues to in-spire us all. If you remember your place in the great Void, you just might feel him too…

Students and fans of his books can catch up on Dr. Morris’s last few years through his latest writings. A couple of months ago Doctor Morris sent me the 2005 manuscript of Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul, which he authorized our website to sell for him as an ebook which you may purchase here:

Quantum Crawfish E-book

$16 of every $18 sale goes to his wife Irena.

Along with wisdom on consciousness and freedom, Quantum Crawfish has a chapter about the events in the years since he published his last “bookstore” book, and the friendships he made in that time. Santiago and I are very touched by our inclusion in the work:

“Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko of Umaa Tantra have been my friends and guinea pigs for integrating chi kung and yoga into an even faster path to enlightenment that I was teaching in the Kundalini Awakening program.”

— excerpted from Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul: How Choice Works To Create Success or Despair, p.73 by Glenn J. Morris, Ph.D., Sci.D., Templeton Prize Nominee in Science and Religion, 2006

For those of you who want to take Doctor Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process Training:

In agreement with Doctor Morris’s beloved wife Irena Mandic-Morris, and in accordance with the certifications bestowed upon us by Doctor Morris in his lifetime, and by his deshi, Rob Williams, Soke of Hoshin Budo Ryu, Santiago and I will continue to hold the KAP training exactly as Doctor Morris would have.

If you wish to “become a true human being” (Doctor Morris’s aim, and the real aim of enlightenment), beginning by awakening your kundalini, you will still receive the Lightning Path at the workshop, exactly as Doctor Morris taught it.

Feel free to contact us at to communicate your feelings, ask questions, or seek guidance. Please be courteous, kind, and respectful.

We love and miss Doctor Morris the physical man and teacher. We hold the truth of Doctor Morris in our hearts. Through his works he loved and honored that same essence in all of you. Dr. Morris, the enlightened warrior, left you his Pathnotes. His Kundalini Awakening Process and Hoshin were the path he walked, a path which anyone can walk.

As Doctor Morris so simply reminded his students, whatever happens: Smile inwardly, breathe correctly, and keep your tongue up!

Tao Semko of

Books by Dr. Morris, available at

In Doctor Morris’s own words, “Keep going. Keep playing. Study on this.”