Instructor Contacts

Updated March 2014

1st Generation Instructors:
James Alexander is reachable through the HoshinBudoRyu ( )
Susan Carlson’s work remains available through the Kundalini Support Network
Santiago Dobles is reachable via email ( sdobles @ gmail . com ) for KAP student applications.
Tao Semko is reachable via scheduler for skype appointments ( ) and email ( info1 @ taosemko .com ) for KAP student applications.
Rob Williams is reachable through the HoshinBudoRyu ( )

2nd Generation Instructors:
Andrea Abarca is reachable at silatgirl1 @
Esly Caldwell, III, A.P., is reachable at esly.caldwell3 @
Dr. Ian Davies currently takes only private students due to his clinical and family schedules
Paul Densmore is reachable via his Facebook account )
Dan Ferrera is reachable via his websites ( )
Kadir Gonzales is reachable via email: ( gonzalezk2 @ yahoo . com )
Dr. Bob Joyce is reachable via email ( bobbyj @ ix.netcom . com )
Way McCutchen haunts various online forums giving advice to those in need…
Rex Washburn is reachable through the HoshinBudoRyu ( )