Journeyman/Provisional KAP Instructor Brady Hansen

Lives in Saratoga Springs, UT and is available to teach workshops abroad, private lessons, or local classes.. If outside of Utah, covering plane ticket, KAP tuition for all participants, and providing a couch to crash on, is all Brady currently requires to provide an in-person private lesson or workshop.

Brady Hansen is someone who doesn’t take things too seriously unless safety is a factor. The Kundalini process can be very dangerous without guidance from someone with experience.

Brady is supported and guided by his teacher Tao Semko when sharing KAP with others. He is a member of Hoshin Budo Ryu and the Bujinkan, and is a Sifu in Hoshin Tao Chi Kung. He is also a Master Reiki teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage that traces itself back to Usui himself.

In his day to day life Brady currently is a stay at home parent supporting his wife who has big dreams and is achieving those dreams. They have been married for 13 years and people who meet them think they’ve only been together <1 year; he treasures their relationship and together they explore the Kundalini energy as expressed from two lovers with awakened Kundalini. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters who teach him more about life than just about anyone else. As a side gig Brady picked up Chinese Water color and has mastered certain aspects of it achieving recognition from his teacher; he also sells his art and takes commissions. He teaches the martial art created by Glenn Morris (Author of Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master) called Hoshin Budo holding a black belt rank; as well as holding a black belt in the Bujinkan which he cross trains in but does not teach.