KAP Level Four Syllabus

  • Meditation with and without Object
  • Meditation on the primordial nature of consciousness and its displays while gazing with self-reflexive open awareness
  • Non-dual contemplation, self-liberation of phenomena, meditations on senses other than vision
  • Non-dual cultivation emphasizing extraordinary vessel fields of resonance, elemental fields of resonance, and their interplay
  • Non-dual cultivation emphasizing solo and dual sexual cultivation, sexual yoga, and sensual amplification
  • cutting through clinging to appearances of solidity, to the primordial purity of the base primoridal/undifferentiated consciousness‚Ķ
  • Leaping over/ leaping across / direct crossing from phenomenal appearances to spontaneous presence through the instantaneous union of the clear light of clear light emptiness with external and internal phenomenal appearances of the five pure lights / subtle essence of energy/ matter
  • Dark retreat, and non-dual practice in dream and deep sleep