Private Training in KAP

Private Training with KAP Certified Instructors

For coaching, please see the Morris Methods and More private training page here.

Private Training version of any KAP workshop:
Please Note: you may may choose to train in person with the instructor in his home city, or via private internet communication in a one-on-one version of our distance learning classes.
Private KAP training is $1800 for 12 hours (at $150/hr), to cover one of the following: KAP1, KAP2, KAP3, PSD. KAP4 is $1200. Discounts may be applicable.
Please note that the courses are available at a fraction of that cost via group workshops and online classes.

Please email the instructor in person, apply, and request a paypal invoice and an appointment.
Contact information may be found here.
Instructor Biographies, when available, may be found here.

Although the possibility is highly unlikely, we reserve the right to postpose a K.A.P. event or to change venues if necessary. We thank you for your support.