Re-Attend KAP

Re-Attend K.A.P. – special Discount applies…

“This is why the sangha or group that meditates together is considered sacred as there is a merging of energy… As a group we meditate together and there are often two or three realized masters in the room.”

–Dr. Glenn Morris

Take advantage of the chance to practice with individuals who have permanently awakened kundalini. Re-kindle your practice if you never sat down to “do the work”… If you’ve done the work and won the fruits, then learn some new tricks for your new chi…

Re-attend any one KAP workshop for $120 or any distance learning class for $108For prior attendees only – please be prepared to tell instructors when and where you took the training previously.

Registrant Acknowledges the Following:

I certify that I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional, and that for my own safety, I will remain hydrated and not use alcohol or non-prescribed drugs within 8 hours prior to each day of training. I will receive a welcome note and further instructions via email.

If you prefer, you may call our publishers at 702-543-1871 now to register:
Please leave your name and phone number and say “I want to re-attend a Improved Kundalini Awakening Process workshop” and leave your name and phone number. We’ll promptly return your call and complete your credit card registration by phone. Questions welcomed!

Although the possibility is highly unlikely, we reserve the right to postpose a K.A.P. event or to change venues if necessary. We thank you for your support.