Video: Kundalini Awakening — Which model is better, the physiological or the energetic?

In the above video, KAP Instructor Tao Semko speaks on the physiological vs the energetic/metaphysical models of Kundalini Awakening.

Video Transcription:

“Whether you want to look at it entirely in physiological terms, which you can do, or whether you want to use any of the subtle body models of the various esoteric systems of the world, ultimately, remember that all that stuff is connected. The physical is connected to the subtle, which is connected to consciousness and the most subtle experiences.

So, you can work on any of those levels, and create change on any of the other levels, but if you want to get through it as quickly as possible, as balanced as possible, it pays to work on as many levels as you can in a way that is methodical and that doesn’t get you distracted or feeling like you have attention deficit disorder because you’re trying to do so many things at once. So a progressive, methodical methodology can be very helpful.

If you are a fairly relaxed and calm and grounded person, and you’re experimental and exploratory in your nature, it is possible to go through part or all of a complete Kundalini process on your own. Especially if you have some idea based on what I’ve just said or based on any good books you’ve read on the subject, it possible to go through it on your own.

It’s happened certainly. But, frequently, somewhere along the way you may either feel stuck, or you may feel like you just experienced something so wonderful that you don’t want to let go of it, and therefore you can’t sort of go to the next step along the process.

You have a dark night of the soul. You said “Oh, well I’ve experienced this. Why would I want to go back to normal life ever?” And that’s very common. People do experience that crash or depression sometimes after they experience bliss during one of the physiological changes in their body. So it helps to have people who know what they’re doing. And whether that’s us or somebody else, I bid you do your best to find them.

There are more people who are biologically awake in this way somewhere along the process than you might be aware of; there are an awful lot of us in the world. But it is more rare to find people who have gone through the entire process, or had an idea how to do that.

Much more frequently people get stuck either in the first few centers, or they may finally open the heart center and stay there because you have to do a little bit of fine tuning to your methodology in order to get those upper centers to open.

Anyway, I hope this way of help to everybody on the broadcast. If you have further questions I will do another one of these next Wednesday so please send in those questions. If you have follow up questions that’s great too.

If you have basic questions like: “What is Kundalini? “What does it feel like?” “How is it experienced?” send those in too, because we didn’t really cover those and until you have some idea at least metaphorically what it is and how it feels and the different ways that it can manifest, it’s just a word, it’s a term, and you can get awfully confused and mystified about something that doesn’t need to be that mystifying.

Yes there are great mysteries experienced through this process, through it awakening. But at the same time, very frequently it’s over mystified by people who are either selling something or don’t understand it fully themselves and are tying to teach it anyway.

That said, good luck to you and your own searches. Out of my own love for the system, I do hope that you join us and take a KAP course. The KAP level one is the only course you actually need to be able to understand the basics of all of this and to do it yourself. All the other courses are just advanced training on how to use your subtle body, basically.

Whether you use it or not, if you read Dr. Morris’s meditations in his books carefully, you’ll get a head start. There’s a lot in there. But it’s really understanding how to put those things together and how to keep them in balance that is the wonder of KAP.

There aren’t any super secret techniques in KAP. There’s a couple that are somewhat difficult to find in books, etc. And there are some that are very common like the orbit, like belly breathing, etc. Those are all in there to keep balance.

The orbit can be used to increase the qi field in the body and get things moving a little bit. But the orbit itself very rarely actually carries people through the entire awakening. It’s just a good safety feature because gets energy circulating in the body so that if energy ever gets jammed as Kundalini is rising it has somewhere to go.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

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