Dr Glenn J. Morris & KAP Philanthropy

KAP creator Dr. Glenn Morris spent the last few years of his life working diligently to improve the lives of those affected by both natural disaster and governmental mismanagement, by aligning his work, skills, and awareness-raising efforts with Non-Governmental Organizations providing aid and opportunity to those most affected.

In particular, Dr. Morris worked tirelessly with the Volunteers of America after Hurricane Katrina, often sacrificing his own health, sleep, diet, safety, and income, for the benefit of others.

To keep his compassion alive and active in the material world, we invite his friends, students, and practitioners of his system to help one of the most effective and responsible disaster relief organizations, MercyCorps, as they provide food, shelter, and clean water in areas devastated by disasters natural and man-made.

Please help continue Dr. Morris’s life’s work and make a real difference in the lives of others today through helping to provide civilian relief from natural disasters and strife: click here to donate to MercyCorps.org , any Four-Star charity on Charity Navigator’s Hurricane Michael page, Hurricane Florence Relief page, Indonesian Typhoon Relief, Typhoon Magkhut relief via 4-star rated Global Giving, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation’s Louisiana Flood Relief Fund (also 4-star rated)

Prospective KAP Students: We encourage personal philanthropy! Save US$200 on tuition with your donation of US$100 or more. Applies to KAP Levels 1, 2, 3, and PSD. Please make a separate donation for each class. Offer not combine-able with other discounts: (click here for more information).

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