Testimonials for Dr. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP):

I am a Dentist, so my training and education has been focused on Western medicine’s view of human anatomy and physiological function. Therefore I have been exposed to an education based on logical thinking, empirical learning and application of knowledge. On a different track through the years of my martial arts training I have been introduced to basic meditation techniques and chi development.

I was looking for a system of practice that could help me learn about and cultivate more internal energy, for health and to enhance my martial arts development. Through reading Dr Morris’s first book I came across the KAP program. This system certainly provided me with the tools to develop these skills and much more.

I found the Kap level 1 and 2 courses, led by Tao Semko fantastic. The gradual introduction of techniques that built upon each other proved to be an excellent vehicle of learning to expand my knowledge, develop my Chi, circulate energy, grow a deeper awareness of the subtle body and in time begin to open up and experience kundalini.

There have been a number of physical improvements I have noted since starting my Kap practice. Overall I have noticed an increase in flexibility, vitality and energy, which is great for general health and also compliments my martial arts training. I used to manifest a lot of stress and tension in the body certainly around the solar plexus and shoulder blades. Going through this process has dissolved the muscular tension there and my acupuncturist has marvelled at the improvement and dissipation of tension in my back, spine and neck. I am a healthier individual; I recover more rapidly from illness and injury. I bruise less easily and have much better digestion as well.

There have been shifts in my awareness, and I see things with greater clarity. I find it easier to observe and follow the flow of life empowering the aspects I wish to fulfill and follow. As a result of KAP, I am in a more calm, enjoyable and happy space. I am more resilient to the stresses of daily life and find it easier to stay happy and energetic. I have more energy, vitality, and simply feel good.

Learning the techniques of the Kundalini Awakening Process has singularly been the most powerful transformative process I have embarked on. It has been a very powerful tool to expand my awareness, deepen my understanding of myself, develop internal energy, and to heal myself.

Dr. Ian Davies


Aloha Santi,

I am so glad that I went to Miami from Hawaii to take the KAP1 and KAP2 in person from you. Your coaching and teaching are invaluable in ways that are much more in depth and personal.

I could feel your energy easily while doing the KAP exercises. You were so generously giving us Shaktipat and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us during the seminars without any reservation.

Also, I was so fortune that I received a personal Shaktipat session with you that helped me opened up many of my blockages. I am sure that this will help me to speed up my Kundalini awakening process.

I am looking forward to attending more seminars from you in the near future.

God Bless!
Halacy Chu
Hawaii, USA


“once again, thank you today`s session was not so much a session, but rather paradigm-shifting and instantly deepening my entire life and practice and understanding. at least this is how it feels. and a reminder not to waste my time on stuff that is not important, but to live and play in a wonderful universe beyond my current comprehension. and another point for experiencing directly rather than theoretizing. at least this it how it feels, and i feel coming more of this change in my direction fast.”
–Michael G., C203 session of KAP Creativity Enhancement with KAP Instructor Paul Densmore


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I’d like to describe my experience with KAP, but it’s difficult to quantify gratitude in mere words. Here’s my best attempt:

I found KAP when I was searching for the next step in my personal development. I had moved across the country and had not been active with my usual energetic and meditative practices. To make a long story short, a vivid dream led me to eventually find you. I had read Dr. Glenn Morris’ books and had always been interested in opening my kundalini. I found out that you and Santiago had taken on Dr. Morris’ teaching in the form of KAP. I thought about it for a while before signing up, since I had just stumbled upon your website and there’s a lot of well-meaning but uninformed teachers out there. But everything I read on your site seemed to indicate that you knew what you were talking about. I went ahead and took a chance, signing up for the class session that matched my schedule.

Well, my expectations have been greatly exceeded, to say the least. Not only did I open kundalini, but I’m now able to direct my energy much more efficiently, expand my consciousness, and still stay grounded . My compassion and love for all beings, including myself, has really increased. I can courageously explore my own psyche without getting stuck there, as it’s all part of the big picture. Whole new worlds have been opened to me. As I said, it’s hard to convey the gratitude I feel for all of this in words. I practice regularly now, and I’ve continued on with KAP 2 and Foundation Practices of Tantric Yoga – both excellent courses and highly recommended.

Tao, your teaching style is excellent. I appreciate the way you have fully researched everything you present, and your explanation of the background and meaning of all of the material is great, especially for a person like myself who likes to know the “why” behind any subject I’m learning so I can put it all together. Your encouragement, assessment, and follow-up helps keep me going, too. You are also compassionate to the world (for example, organizing the fund raising effort for the flooding in Pakistan) and I’ve never heard you say anything unkind about anyone.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that the reason why you are so great at this is because you live it and practice it. Thank you for dedicating yourself to the practices. I don’t think I would have had these great results if I had learned this from someone who hadn’t made the journey himself.

Another benefit is the wonderful community of fellow KAP students. There’s ongoing support, videos, and feedback, and the students and instructors regularly encourage one another as they evolve in their practices. I’ve met some wonderful new friends here.

If anyone is reading this and is still unsure about taking KAP, please let me put your mind at ease. I would recommend this to my closest friends and family. I know taking distance learning sight unseen can be a risk, but it wasn’t with KAP. The integrity level here is extremely high. I was never put under any pressure, made to feel uncomfortable in any way, or told I should recruit anyone. There’s no dogma and this works with all belief systems. As long as you’re willing to do your part and practice, you will have a life-changing experience too.

Thank you for everything.
Dianne Orcher
Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, energy worker, yoga therapy instructor

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I trained with Santiago Dobles using both the distance course and in person for KAP 1 and 2. Both experiences were very rewarding. I’ve been in martial arts, both hard style and internal styles, for 27 years and Santi really has the chi. When I trained with him in person it was intense. Some days we trained for 10 hours a day and I felt super-charged after the experience. I highly recommend training with Santiago to anyone interested in Chi Kung or healing arts.

Thanks for the training, Santi.
Dale Brandenburger


“PSD is a very powerful program that offers as a coherent whole many tools from different traditions for protection, healing, abundance, and spiritual growth. Though the volume of information transmitted can feel utterly overwhelming at times, the material is so practical and simple in nature that it will gradually permeate every aspect of your life.

If you want to truly expand your capacity to help yourself and others, this course is for you.

You know Santi..it’s very hard to put something into words that has the vast potential to put the world and universe at one’s fingertips. Thank you.
PSD was my favorite course.”

– Peter Adam Pittman


I am half way through the KAP 1 program and I am really really loving it and
recommend it to anyone who really wants to go further and deeper into their practice.

How it’s making me feel:

I have studied yoga for many years, but in just a few months of KAP training I am feeling so much more awareness of energy flowing through me and understanding much more how to intentionally cultivate it. I’m feeling really high actually, confident and happy from the secret smile meditation, one of the first things we learn, and really inspired by the states I can see the teachers and other students have reached through these same practices. Also I am very pleased that i am finding it easier to lift my energy during love-making by applying some of the techniques
we are learning. JOY

I love having access to the videos when ever i need inspiration to practice, and each week we are given new techniques that build upon the weeks before. We are learning so much, but it is given in a really great progression so it isn’t overwhelming. I’m practicing most nights for around an hour, and am starting to realise how to integrate the things we learn into my daily activities, so it becomes less ‘techniques’ and more a way of being. Also, my yoga school only offers such powerful techniques after years of training with them, and i am really hungry to progress so it wonderful to be given so many amazing practices so generously through KAP, without having to wait so long.

Santiago is amazing, i find it hard to even put in words. Despite some really traumatic circumstances in his life during the course, he as given us so much energy and love. Although I have only met him in an on-line capacity, I feel a real connection with him and the love and gratitude that comes from being with a great teacher. I missed a few classes and he saw I was on-line one day and messaged me about where I was with my practice and offered me lots of encouragement.

It is so very nice to have a teacher that invokes so much inspiration and aspiration, but is there as a friend, and really cool and fun, not someone with the aloof persona of a ‘master’.

On-line community:
I feel like i have joined a community of like-minded people from across the world. After class there
is often chat about various issues related to practice, health, spirituality and lots of links to really
interesting mind expanding information. There is usually someone on-line to chat to so there is a lot support in this way.
I’m not super computer literate, and there is lots of help and ‘click-on’ links to make it easy.

–Ella – Australia


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I had a great time taking KAP1 with Paul Densmore in 2010. The 12 week program was inspiring and noticeably deepened my personal meditation practice. KAPs take on chakras is easy to understand and powerfully effective at opening and clearing the centers when combined with Doc’s 4/8 breathing. If a person is truly interested in kundalini it really helps to get an expert perspective from a great teacher like Glenn Morris who worked and played with energy for a long time. Without guidance from those who are further down the path you spend a good deal of time doubting yourself and wondering if there are more effective practices out there that give more consistent results with less effort:) KAP is streamlined, packed with the good stuff, trimmed of the superfluous rituals that cloak the simple mechanisms powering any effective internal energy system.

I’m a pretty good judge of the effectiveness and completeness of an Energy System due to my personal experience with the Kundalini.
I started doing many hours of daily yoga in March 2005. In December 2006 I went through the full kundalini about 3 days into reading a Mantak Chia book and practicing some of the exercises therein. Early on after my kundalini awakening I read Doc’s book “Pathnotes” and knew then that i wanted to learn more about his personal take on energy cultivation.

Since my kundalini transformation in 2006 I have studied and practiced a number of different chi development systems, all of them good, many of them withholding critical information. KAP is not one of those withholders. It covers ALL the basics needed for the internal alchemy but most importantly, it is really really effective at guiding a person into that special state of being where it becomes fun and interesting to feel the energy centers and move the energy around.

For those new to the concept of Kundalini KAP is also not vaque about what kundalini is or feels like, or what is needed to awaken and circulate it. In my experience KAP is top notch material for those genuinely interested in the real deal. It’s well organized, simple to understand, all the nitty-gritty research has been done for you, all you need to do is integrate the practices and work with them every day. On top of all that, KAP doesn’t feel like work, Doc through KAP keeps emphasizing “Play with this, have fun!” Paul as a teacher and KAP1 as a system are both Effective, Fun, and Powerful motivations for positive change in a person’s life!

I plan to play with this material for a very long time:)
Thanks for making KAP available!

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Kap material is awesome. I have learned many things about energy and consciousness mechanics and manipulation. The courses cleared many things out and gave me many tools for me and my family. Though the Kap materials I have met many fellow students that are great people and I had the change and privilege to meet inspiring teachers that become a role model to me. All this material and experience helped me to move a little bit more to the path of personal development.

I liked very much the KAP 1 manual and material, it gave me a good foundation and I come back to it as a reference point very often. I would like to see KAP2 and KAP3 material and manuals so as to have all this knowledge gathered.

Thank you for giving me the chance of saying my opinion about the course. In January I will surely be participating to the new course.

Athanasios Pavlos, Greece


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It has been my experience that the methods taught in KAP are a powerful way to expand many aspects of the individual, from the level of vitality to the scope of consciousness and awareness.

I have experienced many changes in how I view myself and my relationships to others, truly developing a deep sense of our interconnectedness and a joy of being part of all things.

Physically my body has improved considerably – through KAP you learn that is possible to maintain a youthful vitality. The system works with concepts that are easy to grasp, focusing on effective techniques rather than dogma to open up the dormant areas in the body and psyche.

Santi and Tao are very knowledgeable and humble teachers whose dedication to their students can be tangibly felt. One of the most endearing aspects of being part of KAP is that once subtle awareness of energy and intent are developed, it is possible to feel that they are providing constant support in the more subtle realms, healing and guiding.

I feel like I am always making progress, and that it is on my own terms, using these tools for true self enquiry and development.
–Ricky Laing

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I’ve spent that last several years on a personal journey of spiritual growth and initiation into the mysteries. Within that time, I have read at least a hundred books on various subjects, digested countless web pages, attempted many meditative techniques, and spoken to dozens of people along the same path. I was under the impression that I knew a great deal before attending KAP. What I understand only now, however, is how shallow my knowledge was without the guided meditative practice that I have learned during the last ten weeks of my KAP 1 course. The first session in itself was a uniquely transformative experience that I will never forget. The Secret Smile meditation is a powerful tool that has allowed me to go further than ever before along my journey, and if I had learned only that, it would have been worth the price of admission. There is, however, much much more to KAP and I am humbled everyday at how much the program has given me.

They say that throughout your life, you come into contact with teachers from all walks of life that help you transcend your limitations and achieve your potential. It is up to you to recognize them and to benefit from their teaching. I wish I had the words to adequately honor Santiago Dobles. He is one of the most brilliant and dedicated teachers I have ever had the pleasure of studying with and I am eternally grateful that the universe has put him on my path. Despite a devastating personal loss early in the program, Santiago has not only persevered through his own pain and difficulty, but has given more of his time, energy and love to his students than any of us could have expected. As an instructor, he is immensely gifted, as he almost effortlessly guides us into higher and higher levels of practice. In addition to his guidance, he projects his energy with more intensity than anyone else I have ever met. It is really an honor and a treat to have him as a teacher.

I spent a couple of weeks trying to decide whether or not to enroll in KAP 1. Knowing what I know now, I would have enrolled without a second thought. I can honestly say, it is one of the most important things I have ever done for myself.



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I had been reading Dr Glenn Morris’ books for over ten years. His path has inspired my whole direction in life. I had practised some of his meditation methods on and off over this period…always with interesting results, however I always seemed stop and start. After purchasing his meditation mastery cd’s a year ago I instantly made great progress as the practices were more complete than described in his books and they contain alot of addition explanation on the meditation exercises. Although maintaining the practice for a longer period this time I stopped again, and again with very interesting results. I admitted that I needed help with this so I chose to bite the bullet and did the Improved Kundalini Awakening Process 12 week Skype course. It is amazing!! I dont know why i didn’t do it years ago! I have had alot of high level teachers in my internal martial arts career as I’m an instructor in Hun yuan tai chi and Xing yi quan. But these guys are the best teachers of internal training I have ever come across. They know what they are doing big time! Paul Densmore is the most brilliant teacher I have ever come across and as a result of his very close guidance I have progressed further in my kundalini awaking than ever before. The KAP level 1 course contains information that Dr Morris only ever passed on orally…and let me tell you, it makes a massive difference to your meditation sessions and prevents chi getting stuck in the head (was a big problem of mine) and in negative regions of the chakras. I feel like for the first time in my life i actually have a teacher of kundalini that actually wants to help me within my meditation progress and not just leave me in the dark when i ask questions!!

Even after the first Skype session I made progress in leaps and bounds, I linked up with Paul what i felt was on a soul level. The guys energy is immense and he really has put in secret smile into each of his chakras and his orbit as I would literally totally crack up with laughter when ever I connected to him. I still don’t understand how he gets any work done. The guys energy seems to be bubbling with intense laughter all the time. That in itself says alot someones level of development in my book! I’m now very suspicious of ‘spiritual’ people who don’t seem to have alot of humour and laughter in their presence, body language and teachings.

With each week of instruction the exercises direct the energy more and more precisely into the awaking of the kundalini. Literally, if you do the practice, there is no way that you won’t achieve kundalini. They know what they are doing and best of all, they know what can go wrong and how to avoid it and fix it if things do go slightly off track.

All i can say is, if your thinking of whether or not to do this course. DO IT! You will not regret it.

God bless and thanks Paul.
Chris Radnedge.

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Hi Tao,

I’ve been interested in energy work and meditation for 10 years, and have been teaching myself mostly from books, but also from home-study courses from instructors from other systems. Your KAP 1 course is easily the best course I’ve studied. A lot of other systems teach the individual practices but don’t put it into a broader context of how to use the techniques to awaken Kundalini, or else they don’t give clear guidance on when it’s time to move on from one practice to the next.

You teach everything in a clear, ordered way, always with the intention of working towards a Kundalini awakening. And a demonstration of a practice is so much easier to understand than trying to learn from a book. I’ve also benefitted greatly from all of the subtleties that you’ve taught – for example I’ve been aware of Trataka for a long time, but never realised exactly why it was important or what effect it was meant to have.

Since I’ve been practicing your course, I’ve felt each of my chakras much more deeply than ever before, and things get better from one day to the next. I’m so grateful that you’re teaching everything so openly, and with no restrictive guru-disciple relationship. I honestly don’t know how long it would have taken me to discover all of this material without your course.

My only feedback about the course materials is that they need consolidating. Each week we’d get say 2-3 PDFs, but 1 or 2 would contain almost the same text, with one having just a little more in it. It’s almost as if one was a draft. Also, some of the videos could do with being re-recorded because the sound was a little too low.

— Al B., London, UK

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“My name is Brady Hansen and I live in Salt Lake City, Ut. I would like to take a moment to share with you my experiences with KAP. First off the classes are very well organized, and professional. Its a good feeling when those attributes are present.
The information was easy to understand and put into my daily meditation practice.

The material works, I opened full Kundalini after 27 days of devoted practice. Everyone is different so don’t expect the same results I had but the system works!

Bottom line KAP works. However, like anything in life you will not get results unless you are willing to do the work. The instructors do their best to take care of you personally as soon as they can but they always eventually do. KAP has opened this new door for me and I am now starting my spiritual path with Shakti guiding me.

The system works if you are willing to put in the work to make it happen. It is safe, fast and effective.

Much love to my teachers Tao, Susan, and Santi. Thank you for helping me start my journey, and continuing to help me stay on the path!”

–Brady Hansen, UT, USA

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i’ve done KAP1+2 with Doc and Susan in San Francisco in 2004,
then re-attended Kap 1 online in 2009 and live in 2010 in London.

Doc’s books opened a new world for me where all the bits an pieces i read from systems all over the world made sense,
like a rosetta stone for the esoteric world.

The courses added the necessary practice and included also some oral-only teachings
which helped to bring the intellectual understanding more to an experiential level.

for 2010 : Susan and Santi you were a very dedicated teaching team,
the new course manual was expanded with good additional information,
during the classes i could really feel the energy getting hot during tummo
(which was way more difficult when i tried it alone in the hotel)


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The KAP class 148 has been the absolute best investment I have ever made in myself, and I am not a guy prone to superlatives. I’m a Virgo after all; there is something wrong with everything, or at least something that might need some improvement. Tao, a fellow Virgo, may, to some degree, agree with that statement.

With the KAP Program, I got a proven, practical, replicable, almost-paint-by-numbers introduction to meditation and Kundalini awakening. Instead of paint-by-numbers, I would compare it to origami: it’s going to take a little practice, but, sooner than you think, you’ll be making those little cranes like a champ 🙂

My practice has helped me to feel more centered and grounded, always a good thing for a guy in recovery. If I have had a stressful day, I come home, put on Tao’s self-massage video, burn off my stagnant chi, do some chi exercises, follow it up with Tao and/or Santi’s videos on skeletal shaking and I can come down out of my head and feel centered and grounded again. I would say without hesitation that the KAP Program has improved my life.

The course materials are top-notch. I like the pdf’s of relevant material, both the original Doc Morris material and the later revisions. These to me show how the program is evolving and deepening. The facebook group serves as a convenient portal for the class to keep in contact with each other and for Tao to post videos, upload our class handouts, keep us advised of what the coming week holds, and answer questions via our online training journals.

Tao responds rapidly to questions and comments posted on the group’s facebook wall as well as in students’ training journals; his comments are always supportive, encouraging and positive.

Before KAP I thought that all meditation was that “empty your mind, think of nothing” Zen type meditation. I wondered how we would explore that for 12 weeks, but I thought, it has the Doc Morris stamp of approval and Tao and Santi are respected names. I was not disappointed at all.

Again, comparing my KAP practice to origami, I haven’t been as regular lately as I was previous to early November; objectively, my meditation practice has sharply fallen off. I can feel the difference, and that in itself is instructional. The perfectionist Virgo in me thinks “well, 12 weeks times 7 practices equals I should have x number of training log entries…” The more grounded, newly calm, accepting part of me says, listen, the goal of the course was not to go through the Kundalini during the last class / week 12, just to expose you to the techniques. I am satisfied that I have been exposed to excellent, workable, safe techniques that, when diligently applied, will produce the desired result. The way is in the practice, and the results are up to me.

Constructive feedback…hmmm…I am really stretching to find something that needs some improvement. For someone who had zero experience with online classes (I’m 45…) and interactive learning, the KAP Program has set a very high bar. Would it be easier to send out all the course pdf’s at once, and only give the passwords out week by week to the different sections? Less mailing / posting for the instructors that way. Your email communication is excellent, not spam-y, doesn’t seem to be trying to sell me anything with the hurry! hurry! hurry! deadline approaching soon! mindset…I know when I get an email from you guys it’s not crap and I look forward to reading it. Really, that’s all I can think of…

KAP is great, I’ve had a great time so far, I am going to miss the class when it ends, and I’m already planning to take another class or two or three 🙂 and you can use all my comments, edit them as needed, and use my full name and city (Boston, MA).

Dan Daley, Boston, MA, USA

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Disclaimer – these observations are based on my own personal experience.
Your experience may differ considerably!

Well, this is my second testimonial. I wrote the first one nearly two years ago after completing KAP 1. Back then I was extremely sceptical about the whole KAP thing, but I realised that I needed a little help and was willing to give KAP a try. So, I’m still here two years later.

It is easy to explain what KAP has done for me – to people with active Kundalini, that is. However, I find it very difficult to explain exactly what Kundalini is and how KAP has helped me to people that have not experienced it. This was recently brought into focus for me when a relative asked, “Ok, so how has all this meditation stuff affected you over the years then”? The answer that popped out was, “Well, I’ve become much less of a person.” My wife understood exactly what I meant, but made little sense to my relative. So here’s the deal. When you activate Kundalini, you activate a process, the Kundalini Process. It has been my experience that the Kundalini process can only be understood with the benefit of hindsight. I’ve noticed this, not only in myself, but with other students who are constantly wondering “where they are at”. I realized that you can only really comprehend where you have been. I think that is because it is not the little you who is “doing Kundalini”…..

So, when trying to explain these things to people that have not yet experienced them, I realise that it all sounds rather paradoxical. I have become more by becoming less, I win by surrender, I have become firm by letting go, I have changed completely yet have remained the same. I could go on, and on, and on, and on, but that would just be boring! – “YAWN”.

Perhaps my best shot at explaining the Kundalini process would be to say that it is a physio psycho spiritual alchemy, and that KAP can help you to initiate it and teach you how to deal with it.

Of course, the net is full of info on Kundalini, much of it written, or cut and pasted, by people that have no real idea of what it is. All I can say is that if you want to experience Kundalini in a safe way, under the guidance
of VERY knowledgeable and caring instructors, then you will find it hard to beat KAP.

— Way McCutcheon, Wales, UK

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I’m a Presbyterian pastor/minister and naturally reticent about the things and people most important to me–so speaking this directly shows you guys how much your course means to me.

Taiji, qigong, and kundalini have been among those most important things; since sixteen I have been meditating in whatever patchwork loose practice I could gin up; my martial teachers didn’t teach this material; my religious home of the time didn’t teach effective skills for spiritual attainment (given that it has ‘method’ in its name precisely because it was founded on practice should say something); nothing prepared me for being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 18. Needless to say, I was frantic by the time I ran across Dr. Morris’ book at 20 and immediately put his helpful hints into play–including ‘keeping the tongue up’. I immediately thanked God for the Path Notes and spent the next years perfecting what little I knew in crazy, edgy situations perfect for Qigong of a certain kind. But what I lacked was a systematic, patient, but straightforward system that put the pieces together plainly, told you what would fry you and what needed advanced practice and attainment to achieve.

I have been able to survive a mystery pain that has bordered on the horrific and that diet, exercise, and regular non-emergency prevention couldn’t touch; Crohn’s disease over 18 years; the stress of nomadic life with few real friends in spiritual practice; math and physics and divinity classes and ten years of tough ministry in tough places. All this because of Dr. Morris.

So imagine the burden lifted off my shoulders when I ran across KAP a couple of years ago.

Imagine the sense of solitude and wrestling with pain and loss evaporating in three days down in Miami.

Not because the practice works this fast, but because 18 years of practice and prayer and solitude were answered with the knowledge that serious, young, and intense practitioners were alive, teaching, and better yet, taught us as opposed to fulfilling some pipe dream in saffron robes with me as ‘chela000100102’ in their ego play.

IN short, Dr. Morris gave me information that quite literally got me through severe chronic illness and the opportunity to continue delighting in the work of God and brought a consciousness (not a depth) to my sacramental life hard to describe. His faithful students brought that patchwork to full quilted status. I haven’t yet melted that quilt after dipping it in upper peninsula Michigan Lake water and wrapping it around my shoulders. But I hope to, if my path offers that.

Santiago and Tao bring a professionalism, a kindness (and gentleness) to a path that alone can be harrowing. Their clear sense of gratitude for life and what had been given them was even more witness to their practice.

They have done what the best pioneers always do: take the wilding, grinding darksome frontier and made it home.

Their ability to stack the exercises, their ability to clearly describe exactly what needed to be done and no more; their willingness to offer knowledge beyond the class if needed; made the kundalini arousing quite peaceful; Awakening? Not yet but someday–I build girder by girder and floor by floor due to the consequences I’ve seen of doing it fast and loose. In my life I don’t have room for catastrophe. I practice everyday throughout the day, unless health suggests otherwise.

The best gift Tao and Santiago have given me is the knowledge that when my path requires full awakening, the last thing I’ll have to be concerned with is catastrophe–if I follow what they’ve mastered (and they’ve been right every time I’ve implemented anything), I’ll have the gift of tranquility.

Thank you and God bless,

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My background before KAP was 10 years practice of Southern Shaolin Tiger-Crane kung-fu (including a form of tai-chi and soft/vein-tendon/iron shirt qi-gongs) and yoga and meditation before that. I was mysteriously given a copy of Path Notes and found my way from there. I have done KAP1/2 online with Tao and a seminar in London with Santi/Susan. The standard of teaching of all 3 has been excellent – and with very contrasting approaches!

The course material is very clearly presented and explained in straightforward terms. Despite some initial doubts I found the online sessions worked very well and the weekly format allows time to digest the material. The aftercare is superb both from other group members and Tao. The level of understanding is brilliant – although you won’t
always be spoon fed answers!

Despite practicing nowhere near as much as I would like I have found all the practices to be very effective. My energy levels and awareness are much higher but combined with an all important grounding which was
previously missing. And I am only beginning to explore the tools that have been shown to me.

If I had to sum up in one word however it wouldn’t be more power or new techniques – it would be FUN!

Criticism? err. support is very good, both from you and wider community. videos and facebook material works very well – much better than I thought. Only feedback would be to improve the website. Could be simplified to reduce the text. I was nearly put off by the “hard sell” although that is probably a cultural bias! And at the end of the
day I wouldn’t disagree with any of the claims.

I hope that was some help. I’m happy for you to use my full name – and If you want you can even put me as Dr Tom Stiff, B.Sc, D.Phil if it helps.

–Dr Tom Stiff, B.Sc, D.Phil

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I have been involved in energy cultivation for the past 10 years and can honestly say KAP is the most complete system with the best followup I have experienced. Instead of going to a weekend seminar and getting a slight energy buzz with no follow-up, or traveling far away for marginal improvement in central channel, you get all the meditations you need for opening the channels, meridians, and chakras with weekly free reviews. Santiago, Tao, and Susan are readily available for any questions that may come up, and give of their time/energy gifts completely.

Disclaimer-The only barrier to your ultimate divinity is you. Put in the time, do the practices daily, surrender your resistance and observe your internal growth, and in turn how that affects others in your life. Enjoy. : )

Love and Light,



My name is Pavlos Athanasios and I am from Greece. I have finished Kap I and now I am attending Kap II and PSD with Santiago Dobles as a teacher. Santiago is a great man. He has a lot of knowledge, he is practical and he has a lot of patience and sense of humor. Moreover, the courses contain a lot of knowledge, are down to earth, practical and the possibilities and ideas that these courses offer with their applications are enormous. The lessons do not hold anything back. I occupy myself into martial arts almost 10 years now but never being taught any energy work or the internal side of the arts. I wish to have discovered these courses along time ago.

Peace and blessings,
Pavlos Athanasios


I wish to give my honest feedback on the KAP classes I took with Tao Semko.

Please excuse my english, as it is not my pramary language.

I first heard about KAP through a friend who at the time had just started attending himself. At first I was a bit skeptic, but after a while he convinced me to start reading “Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master” by Glenn Morris. I found the subject more and more interesting the more I read and after a few weeks I decided to attend the course myself. I then signed up for the classes with Tao Semko and got caught up in the first lesson. We started with bellybreathing and self-massage, which sounded simple enough, but proved to be the most important basic elements of the KAP practice. From there we dug further into the esoteric arts and started breathing in orbits, going into the different chakras etc.

The practice seamed to have an almost immediate improving effect on my physical body and self-confidence. The part that effected me most was the secret smile. After some weeks of practice, I had several minutes of bliss and extacy every day. Of course, some practices proved more difficult to manage then others. If it had not been for Tao, I’m not sure I would have been able to keep up. Tao was a huge source of inspiration during the time I practicing KAP. There was something about his presence in class that just made me want to keep going no matter what. If at the end of a week I had lost my motivation, I would get it back as soon as the next class started.

After the course was finished, I kept on going for a while. I noticed huge differences: I felt more physically fit, I had more sympathy for my fellow humans, I had an increase in self-confidence and I was generally happier. Unfortunately I went to school at the same time as I took the KAP classes, which I now find was a mistake. When the time came for my examinations, I had very little time to practice and after a while, I stopped completely. The schoolwork also interfered in other ways. I never got the hang of Damos cave, which I sincerely regret now. I think it was mainly things outside my KAP practice such as schoolwork and music-projects that distracted me so I wasn’t able to concentrate as much as was needed to enter the cave. I would recommend to everyone who attends KAP classes that they be sure not to do anything that can interfere with the practice over a long period of time.

All in all I am very satisfied with the course, and most of all Tao Semko. He is a great teacher and guru. He answered all our questions and he guided us in the right direction when we needed to find the way. My only regret is that I did not chose a better time to attend the classes, however, I am planning to re-attend KAP 1 as soon as I can. Thank you for giving me a chance to review the KAP course. I could not have been more satisfied with the classes or the results I got before I stopped practicing. The effects was in a good way more than I had ever expected.

PS. You may use this feedback as a testimonial to promote future classes.

Sincerely yours
Ivan Soløst, Oslo, Norway


Santi and Susan complement each other as they teach – the yin and the yang, the male and the female, the active and the passive. If you are a spiritual warrior on your path of enlightenment, and want to know about their ‘spiritual credentials’ then I can only tell you they shine their Light in joy and happiness. They are true Masters, and work in Loving Kindness, without judgement, without ego. They work from the heart and a base of Love, giving and sharing their experience and knowledge. They are commited and enthusiastic and clearly love what they are doing. They are most probably doing the work their soul planned, and the level of their vibration is high.

If you think all that is a bit airy fairy and you just want to know if this course is good, then a resounding YES. It teaches some incredible techniques to help you in your life, and gives you a big helping hand along the way to openning to love, joy and fulfillment. It is down to earth and grounded, despite its content, and will appeal to those who simply want to work with on themselves to better their lives, or begin the process of clearing what is stopping them from moving forward.

I have been on a lot of courses in my time, and many are populated by 80% women. This course was the other way around as it attracted men of all ages who were interested in Martial Arts, Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, etc. I found the breathing techniques, the Chi exercises and the visualisations very powerful. This is ancient knowledge put into a modern day context for those living in the real world.

Thank you, Susan and Santi, from the heart.”

Bridget F., UK

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I recently took a Kap class with Tao Semko, and i had nothing but a great experience! I’m learning about layers of myself which i have totally forgot about. I am generating confidence in my daily life, Kap has been the most beneficial self improvement course i have ever taken. I look forward everyday in continuing my self improvement and generating happiness in my & everyones life.

Pro’s & Cons

Tao Semko
The Kap classes were perfect! Tao does a perfect job explaining everything, to the point of biological understanding. SO i know technically and energetically what i need to do to improve myself. The organisation in the classes is perfect to, such as the Facebook groups, the tons of videos, lectures and the highly organised webpage documents with password access.

Sometime Tao takes a little long to reply to Mails.

Santiago Dobles
I really enjoy Santis classes, they are different then Tao and that is a good thing. Its good to get different types of teaching styles. Santi didnt even use Facebook in our last class, it was all skype, which makes things really fun and spontaneous.

Though i like how Santi teaches, when it comes to documenting his videos, lectures, and the Kap documents it could be a little more organised.

Thank you Teachers, much love.

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“It was late night/early morning on Friday or Saturday and I was on my seat meditating when the session began. The session was incredibly intense. It felt like someone had a lava hose/flame thrower and was straight blasting my body methodically….While this is only one experience, most of my ‘breakthroughs’ in KAP have coincided with
shaktipats from Santi…he gives all of us KAPers doses of chi/shakti regularly. Sometimes it is fiery in nature like my session was, but sometimes it is much more subtle. It took a day or two for me to begin to realize just how much Santi had done for me in that session. 2 weeks later, the nature of my experiences during KAP practices began to change significantly as a direct result of this session. Also…some areas that I had struggled with mentally and emotionally just disappeared. There are things that are still unfolding as a result of this session.

I had a chance to meet Susan Carlson. She’s an amazing woman. She gave a lot of shaktipat via hugs. Her energy did not feel hot to me…it was much more yin and despite its intensity, I actually had trouble at first to be sensitive enough to feel it. She gave us as many hugs as we could handle…and I got more than my fair share. One of her hugs was from behind and I could feel the energy spreading throughout my whole body…even penetrating deeply into my bones. The hugs from the front had a similar sensation of light, cool deeply penetrating
energy…but there were orbits running too. These hugs were very interesting…the longer they went the more the coolness penetrated. Then a very warm vibrating sensation would start in the base of my spine and begin to rise up. The hugs always stopped before the energy in the spine raised very far. ”

–Peter Adam Pittman, Engineer, VA.

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“Monday was totally different. On my way to work, in the bus, i came in a different state of mind, i felt seperated from my body, but yet i understood the body was mine, so we became like best buddys.

I felt for the first time som sort of strong feeling of love and compassion or empathy for all the people around me. I really felt they were my brothers, or my clones or something like that. Then later i reaaaaaally felt a super connection with the trees, with the sky–>/universe, earth, with the stranger walking behind me ect.

My heart started to tingle and then the rest of my body was on fire. I felt i was everything and at the sametime nothing at all. haha wonderfull! Soo nice! This didn’t last that long, but had an aftershock for several hours, and actually uptill now.

The children attacked me almost when i arrived, climbing me, hugging me, playing with me, coming to me for safety, comfort and love!!

I think this was my first real spiritual experience. I guess that was a feeling of bliss! But im still pretty altered. I dont have the same emotions of insecurity as before. I dont have the same perception of myself, others and the world i see…

I lack the lower emotion, i have much less guilt and shame in me! This ruuules! I can much easier stand up for myself, stand up for the kids at work and run my own path:) Bless me and bless all of you…

I’m forever grateful Tao♥”

–Ben W., Norway, k118 session of KAP Level 1
(Ben’s post has been edited for brevity)


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I had been practicing another system for some time when I began to experience a number of negative symptoms. They were beginning to get quite bad when I saw a thread on a forum talking about KAP. The person on the forum was saying how much he was enjoying the course and how grounding it was. The term “grounding” caught my attention. I checked out the KAP web site and signed up to the email list. I toyed with the idea of joining the level one course, but decided against it. I have to admit that I found the marketing a bit off putting. I thought it was a bit “American”, too good to be true! However, I was beginning to feel a bit desperate, and the next day I got an email from the list saying that there was only one place on the level 1 course left. I thought, “What the hell”, and signed up, pretty much on impulse, really. I paid using the monthly payment option. I thought that if it were really bad I would just pay for a month.

Well, I am so glad that I did sign up for KAP level 1. My instructor, Tao Semko, was able to explain to me why I was suffering from chi sickness and sorted me out in no time. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt in a matter of days. That alone would have been worth the price of the course. The next thing I would like to say is how much FUN the course is. KAP1 is not the type of system where you spend 30 years staring at a wall. On the contrary, I found KAP interesting and enjoyable, as well as being effective. Also, I found Tao very willing and able to answer all our questions clearly and in depth. I can not thank Tao enough for all the extra time and effort he put into the course. I finished level 1 two weeks ago and he is still posting supplementary material to the facebook group.

I am really looking forward to Sunday, Why? Because I am starting KAP level 2!

Way McCutchen, Wales, UK,
KAP Level One K106 distance learning class graduate

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I’ll admit i’m not really a fan of testimonials, most of the time. The internet and marketing being what they are. But you guys more than deserve (way more) the simple statements below. I went for concise rather than my usual long windedness ; )
“If you really want to understand/experience Kundalini-Shakti you should see Susan Carlson, simple as that.”

Santiago Dobles does not teach K.A.P. he IS K.A.P!!!”

“Susan and Santi have such a depth of embodied wisdom, they are walking encyclopedias when it comes to meditation and energy work. Being around either of them can teach you a lot, having the two of them working together is an absolute blessing.”

–love n hugs – Brett Drinkwater, UK

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Hi Santiago,
I just wanted to let you know that I noted tremendous difference since I started KAP. At the beginning felt some magnetism and wasn’t sure if it was kundalini, now I have no doubts . As I told you, I was very sloppy with practice because of psychological barriers that I was missing details of the exercises, but got motivated with the transmission the other day and and practice breathing pretty much all day, I can tell you right now this is kundalini, I’m exultant , although the main objective of spiritual practice for me is not a heightened experience, I don’t need to avoid it when it comes:) Only problem I can’t sleep because of the excess of energy

Miguel R., KAP Distance Learning


I owe a great deal of giri to Tao Semko, therefore I’m going to give KAP a brief plug here. 🙂

If you have come to a place in your life where you feel lost or there is something deep within you trying to urge you to undergo the Kundalini Awakening Process then listen to your inner voice (just this once…). 🙂 I can’t give stronger testimonial to the process.

It is not a magic pill. You do not pay x amount & simply lie back & receive enlightenment.

There is some effort on your part, but the effort is slight compared to the results that are gained. Kundalini is a real force that is available for all of us to tap into. The only thing holding us back is ourselves. The only price that it asks is what you bring to the table.

Make no mistake, if you undergo KAP & you do the actual work – you will be changed. But isn’t that what brought you here in the first place? 🙂

–from Facebook, Paul Densmore, English Professor, Beijing, China, and West Monroe, LA

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My experience with KAP:
I recently attended a KAP workshop and wanted to express my feelings on it because it was an intense and gratifying experience.

I am a yoga teacher and Reiki Healer and I am always looking for ways to grow in my arts and in my life. Santiago Dobles has been my teacher and guide through all my years of learning energy work and yoga ,as well as the martial art of Pencak Silat . I am fortunate to also call him a very good friend.

Under his guidance I have expanded and reached new planes of energy that have changed my perspective on just about everything.

This most recent KAP workshop took me onto a whole new level.. I learned to go deeper into my breathing and to follow the energy vibrations from within as well as connecting to the earth and to all that surrounds me.. It helped me feel even more deeply connected to everything within me and outside of me. This deeper level is already helping me reach new levels in all the things I do. It has also given me the ability to give more to my own students because I have more to give to them. I look forward to continuing to learn and reach new heights of energy not only for myself but for the benefits of others as well.

I was fortunate to have met Doctor Morris and done some meditations and energy work with him before he went on to his next journey,
He was an amazing human being his energy was a force to be reckoned with and he had a wonderful heart. Santiago has taken what Doc gave us and expanded it to new heights with his own research and education from other teachers and guru’s , He is an amazing teacher who never holds anything back and knows how to reach every person individually on their own level. Both him and Tao are carrying on Doc’s name with great respect and I am sure he is watching from where he is and is very proud.

I highly recommend the KAP workshops. If you are a healer a martial artist it will make a great difference in your arts but even if you are not it will still make a great difference in your life. You will grow to new horizons both physically and spiritually.

Thanks to Doc, Santiago, Tao and all those who have guided me.

Andrea Abarca Maitland,
Miami, Florida
KAP workshop graduate, professional photographer and energy yoga instructor

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I participated in the KAP process due to having trained in Internal martial arts for years and finding Dr. Glenn Morris’ books life changing. I found the link to KAP and found Dr. Morris’s highest endorsement for the KAP training, and both instructors Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko, and that is what sealed it for me.

In the class we learned many details that are generally oral tradition only, that make the meditation and energy development MUCH better. The class format is awesome in that you have a live class online with Mr. Dobles, and his base of knowledge and his skill are of the highest order.

During the live class there is opportunity for guidance and questions! The teaching is also very clear and concise, and the electronic study resources available are ample, and available 24 hours a day and allows for flexible training and review that can be tailored to your life!

I developed skills quickly with KAP process as nothing is left to chance or guessing. This is enlightenment training taught like an exact science, it is result producing, and not only that, from the others having taken KAP it is also replicable. It is not a fluke, this method is for real! KAP training is Authentic and result producing, and POWERFUL!

Once the training is over, the results and the connection, don’t stop. You take the knowledge blessings and skills with you. IF you practice your paradigm will change, for the better.

The lessons are broken up into awesome bite size workable excercizes that build on each other, and sophisticate the practice. The methods do not become complicated, just deeper. I encourage all of the future KAP participants to drink deeply from this font of knowledge.

You don’t have to search for years to find a great teacher to begin, if you are reading this, you have found a great Guru, with the humblest of hearts and the generosity of a saint in Mr. Dobles. Santiago, I am in your debt, God bless you my awesome brother. Walk on my fellow Kappers! Walk on. : )

Your brother in the ways and KAP mate,

Armando Dominguez, Jr. M.S. C.I. Texas USA
KAP Level One K101 Distance Learning Class Graduate


The body of knowledge covered in the KAP LD course is impressive and the intelligence and clarity of its delivery is even more impressive. Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko of Umaa tantra definitely deliver the goods in this course. Prior to the class I was of the mind that I had read most everything out there and that this would just be a rehashing of techniques, most of which are available on the web and in books. I was wrong.

The KAP Course is something new, and definitely worth enrolling in if you have the chance. Since going through the course I find my practice to be something I look forward to daily. Positive results continue to appear in surprising ways throughout different parts of my life.

Three quarters of the way through the course I thought to start exercising again. It had been about 6 months since I had performed any rigorous activity, but felt I had the energy and wanted to get back in shape. I pulled out my kettlebell and got work, and continued to work, and to work, and to work,…. throwing the kettlebell around as if it was toy. I was completely blown away by how much my strength and endurance had developed in such a short time from working with the material taught in the KAP course. Another pleasant side effect of the course is my blood pressure dropped from about 120/80, to to that of a high level athlete 110/60, I am looking forward to see what else results from continuing my daily practice of the material presented in the KAP Long Distance Course.

Anonymously submitted by a KAP level 1 K107 distance learning class member, Sedona, Arizona, USA…


“So, to let you guys all know a little bit about me and my background in these practices…(and hopefully to get all of you guys to share your histories as well… 🙂

Where to begin…

Well, I guess it all started a few years ago while perusing an internet fitness forum and stumbling upon a review of a book called “Path Notes of An American Ninja Master” by Dr. Glenn Morris.

Something told me I should buy the book, so I did. I read it and it just felt so different than anything else. I loved it! I quickly became enamored with the pursuit of enlightenment and the attainment of preternatural abilities. And I have kind of an obsessive personality in that whenever I become interested in something, I always take it to the furthest possible extreme…somewhat of a blessing and a curse. 🙂

And this was no exception. I wanted to delve deeper into the things Dr. Morris discussed in his book. I read his second book (Shadow Strategies) …which is even better than the first book by the way, and I started reading some Qigong books that Dr. Morris had recommended. I practiced those for a while, along with the Secret Smile and the Microcosmic orbit practices from his books. And I started searching online for how I could learn more of Dr. Morris’ methods.

Then I found UmaaTantra…and saw that Tao and Santiago had a personal relationship with Dr. Morris — them being the students of Dr. Morris with regard to his Martial Arts and his Qigong and meditation techniques, while Dr. Morris being the student of Tao and Santiago in Tantric techniques.

After a series of emails back and forth with Tao, I knew he was the real deal…so I bought a bunch of UmaaTantra’s products — Secrets the Gurus will Never Show YouSecrets of Laya Yoga…the Practice Session DVDs>Abdominal Isolation DVDs>…ALL of their products in fact. 🙂

And I started practicing…EVERYDAY. I worked mostly with the techniques from the Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You ebook (which is packed with techniques). So I was doing a lot of charanas (techniques to clean and build the energetic centers of the body) and a lot of Yoga asanas and kriyas (with the internal techniques described in the ebook) along with the Secret Smile and some Qigong practices.

I developed A LOT!!!

I began to develop quite a bit of chi, and I developed some mastery over it — the ability to move it to different parts of my body and to different energy centers and feel the consciousness associated with it. And I began to PLAY!

Then Tao and I started talking on skype. He became very familiar with my individual practice and the nature of my personality and my aspirations. And we started talking regularly so he could guide me along with my personal practice…a sort of personal training in a way, tailored to me as an individual. He always knows what practice to give me next to open up something new for me and take me to the next level.

My life has completely changed since all this happened…and I’ve been so amazed by it all that a couple months ago, I went to Miami to see Tao personally — both to learn from him and to thank him for all he’s done for me.

I got a lot of great practices while I was there (as part of the KAP class that I did) and the private teaching sessions that Tao did with me…and I’m know progressing faster than ever.

Much of those practices that he shared with me are the same ones he’s teaching in this distance learning course…so ENJOY them! They’re awesome!

So that’s pretty much my story…I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

And one last thing, I guess if I could offer any of you who are just starting out with this or didn’t have a relationship with Tao or UmaaTantra prior to this, it would simply be:

Take advantage of this opportunity! Tao is an amazingly generous and knowledgeable teacher. The more curious you are…the more you ask questions and let him get to know you and where you’re at in your practice…the more help you’ll get…the more knowledge you’ll have…and the faster you’ll progress.

Oh, and one more thing: In the words of Dr. Morris, “Keep playing!”

Best wishes to all of you…and I hope you’ll share your stories with me.

Ari Whitten, PhD (Cand), Metabolic Scientist and Transpersonal Psychologist
Since writing this a decade ago as a med student, Ari has become a 3x Bestselling Author on metabolic science,
founder of The Energy Blueprint Podcast, and a teacher of acclaimed scientifically-rigorous, peer-reviewed research-based online courses on cellular metabolism and human energy vetted by fellow scientists and MDs.
Ari continues to teach a variation of Dr. Morris’s Secret Smile meditation in a number of his own courses as a tool for stress management and improved performance.


“For me, the biggest impact was the professionalism you displayed through the classes.

Santi, you really know your stuff.

And at no point where there any hangups, or awkwardness in teachings, etc. It was all smooth, fluid, and very professional.
And even though it was very well put together , and professional, you brought a very warm, friendly, and casual vibe to it.
And I believe that it made anyone new to the experience, very comfortable.
Overall , you help make it extremely informative, overflowing with valueable information, but in a casual, and comfortable atmosphere.

All the exercises where taught completely, leaving very little unanswered. You were very comunicative, and encouraging, and showed your interest in helping develop another person’s potential, with no ego or false humility. You answered any and all questions completely.

The teachings were pretty clear, and you know how to explain the background info as well.

All in all I would highly recommend your courses to anyone who wants to delve deep into high quality, truly impacting spiritual teachings.
I also want to bring up the Value you give during these courses.
People will know they get lasting information. Skills and exercises that will never go out of style or deteriorate. This means that you share something that will last them a lifetime…
And I believe we are all very lucky that you’re here in Miami, and very accessible to anyone willing to learn and grow.”

Spencer Dunstan, Miami, FL


Happy new year, Tao— to you and yours. I want to compliment you again on your course. The care and integrity you’ve invested in it really comes through– and I’d feel no reservation in recommending it to a friend.

-Richard Gumbel, Session K105 KAP Level One Distance Learning Graduate


My breathing is going well. Even though it’s not perfect, there is a significant improvement compared to three weeks ago. The exciting thing for me is the class itself. It teaches me a lot and it’s nice to have someone on the other end ready to answer any questions in realtime…

The encouragement I get is actually reading/listening to the personal examples of improvement/development from you and from other students. Since I’m new, that gives me something to look forward to and a motivation to practice… Since I started practicing consistently, I’ve been more comfortable with myself. For example, in class I would feel a little anxiety that the professor would call on me to talk in class. But now I feel a little comfortable with the anxiety which makes it less pronounce than before. I also feel I’m not in my head as much and things such as getting angry passes by faster than before and I don’t dwell on it as much.

Alan A,
KAP level One distance learning student, class K102, after just 3 class sessions
Winnipeg, Canada


Hi guys,

Nice to talk to you all.

Well, I am a student of Occultism since my 12 years old. So, I had opportunity to know several spiritual paths. Specially the Builders of the Adytum with its wonderful tarot course, Tantra and Ki-Aikido. So I was searching for tantra, when I found Umaa. I bought the Secrets of the Guru and it is really amazing.

About the KAP I have felt that my energy level has increased a lot, as well as my sexual energy. During the practice I feel vibrations around my body and I sweat a lot. The feelings raised up during the practice (calm, confident, love, etc) are wonderful I leave the practices revigorated.

I have some Umaa DVDs and the practice are really good too.

I hope to share more with you all
Antonio P.,
from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
KAP Level One distance learning student, class session K102, after just 3 class sessions


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