Our Mission

“Enlightenment is a Biological Process” — Dr. Glenn J. Morris

We make available the empirically-tested, replicable principles and methodologies of biological awakening passed forward by Dr. Morris. It is a living oral tradition, constantly updated by the experimentation and experiences of its instructors, practitioners, and students, organized around central principles of the behavior of kundalini in the human body, and the various permutations of constitution, personality, personal history, metabolism, and environmental factors that affect that behavior.

We make these methods available, as Dr. Morris did, to those individuals who have the compassion to undertake their own personal evolution and apply the wisdom and techniques gained for the benefit of all….

Dr. Morris believed, above all else, in protecting the vulnerable, making basic education available to all, providing emergency relief to those in need, continuing and constant self-education and improvement in skills and knowledge, deepening wisdom and intuition through meditation and awareness, and constant experiential empirical experimentation, exploration and evaluation.

We, the KAP instructors and practitioners, aim to continue his legacy…

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