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KAP is available in workshop format and in interactive online video classes and private training:

KAP Workshops:

Online Interviews are necessary prior to the start of your workshop.

Workshop Type | Location | Dates | Instructors |
Socially Distanced Camping Bliss Retreat: Yoga, Qigong, KAP micropractices, Ayurvedic Meals Included Northern California July 11-15, 2021 Justine Lemos, PhD
KAP Level One Workshop Shrewsbury, Shropshire, West Midlands, UK October 2 & 3, 2021 Matt Howell

Core Online KAP Classes:

KAP Level 1: (the comprehensive personal practices for awakening and fully integrating kinetic kundalini using physiological principles, rapidly, safely, and permanently)
KAP Level 2: (additional micropractices for more nuance, clarity, expression, and signal amplitude; solo and dual cultivation; working with your environment, communal cultivation)
Prospective students must interview and submit their questionnaires and references for acceptance to online classes:

Online Class Next Start Date with Instructor:
Class Type Santiago Dobles Tao Semko Paul Densmore Gabriel Axel, PhD
KAP Level One May 6,
July 3, 2021 En Español: January 30, 2021
KAP Level Two May 6,
July 3, 2021

Elective Online Classes

These classes apply KAP principles to daily mundane, creative, community, civic, and mystical experience: Please see the new site: The Glenn J Morris Method

Prospective students must have completed KAP Level 1 and any other course-specific prerequisites.

Advanced Online KAP Classes

These classes work with mature Kundalini as the field expression of consciousness-as-energy (dynamically expanding expanding from the kinetic current of kundalini released and integrated during KAP Levels 1 and 2):
KAP Level 3 (locational and non-locational consciousness as form and formlessness, bliss and spaciousness, and their union)
KAP Level 4 (non-dual cultivation of primordial and phenomenological consciousness in union with self-reflexive awareness, and the union of microcosm, macrocosm, and liminality)

Prospective students must have completed both KAP Levels 1 and 2, and any other course-specific prerequisites:

Online Class Next Start Date with Instructor:
Class Type Tao Semko
KAP Level Three July 3, 2021
KAP Level Four July 3, 2021

Private Training and Coaching

Private Consultations, Coaching, or Training in Dr. Glenn Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process is available at the rate of $150/hr.
More details may be found on the KAP Private Training Page.

Instructor Availability:
Senior Instructor Tao Semko is currently teaching both online and workshops.
Instructor Paul Densmore is currently teaching online and workshops.
KAP Director Santiago Dobles is currently teaching online and workshops.

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