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Tao Semko with Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD, circa 2002

12-week Class Session starts January 27, 2024
About Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, Level One
Senior KAP Instructor: Tao Semko

Class Format: Pre-recorded video and text materials with live video Q&A sessions.
12 related topics are covered over 12 weeks, which together comprise the integrated KAP practice for awakening and integrating kundalini. There are 12 weeks of prerecorded materials, with a class video and six daily guided practice videos for each of the 12 weeks. All materials remain accessible thereafter. In addition, Tao provides live video Q&A each week both during and after the course. Course materials are in streaming online video format, with text supplements, all of which remain accessible during and after the course.

Tuition includes: Your tuition covers 12 weekly classes delivered as streaming online video recordings, 72 daily guided practices videos (also streaming video recordings), and weekly group Q&A via video meeting with Tao covering your course materials and your practice with them for the 12 weeks of the course and thereafter! This support is an immense value as kundalini rises, integrates, and stabilizes.

Application Process: You may register before or after completing the application process for the course, which is described and linked below. Should you not send in the application materials and do your informal video interview by the first day of the course, your tuition will be refunded in full and no materials released. The application process exists so that the course may be customized to your needs and to attempt to ensure maximal safety to those with physical or mental health concerns.

Please schedule an informal interview with Tao, send Tao your questionnaire replies, and have three friends/family/coworkers refer you via emailing Tao replies to these questions.

Tuition Payment:
You may register in full via Paypal/Visa/MC/Amex using the buttons below, or please email info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) to arrange a different payment plan, or for discounted tuition payment plans after making a $100 or greater donation to Mercy Corps.

Base tuition is $695

Tuition discounts are available through a charitable donation to a local Food Bank, homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, Native American/First Nation charity, civil rights charity, mental health charity, or to a 4-star Charity Navigator vetted COVID-19 community relief charity as follows:

Save US$200 on this course when you donate US $100 to any charity listed on this page and email Tao a screenshot or email receipt of your donation:

Simply email a screenshot or email receipt of your donation to Tao prior to registration, and then use the discounted payment button on the registration page! Customized extended payment plans are also available by request ( info1 @ taosemko . com ). You can check local charities on sites like Charity Navigator.

Single Payment with Charity Donation Discount
One Discounted Payment of $494 when you donate $100 to Mercy Corps or any of the above charities and email Tao your donation receipt/screen shot:

Single Payment in Full, Regular Tuition Rate of US$694:

Three Payment Plan 3 x US$235, every 30 days:

Discounted Re-Attend Tuition, for prior graduates
$125 to re-attend, for past graduates of Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process:

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