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Improved Kundalini Awakening Process Faculty
To contact our faculty, please email them care of info @ kundaliniawakeningprocess.com (remove spaces), or use their direct contact information below:

The Senior KAP Instructors:
Santiago Dobles (online, workshops, privates)- South Florida, USA
Tao Semko (online, workshops, privates) – Western North Carolina, USA
(Santiago and Tao are first generation instructors under Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD, and contributed to his KAP curriculum from early 2003 to Glenn’s passing in 2006)

Second Generation KAP Instructors under Santiago Dobles:
Santiago Dobles has authorized the following individuals to teach KAP:
Sifu Daniel Ferrera, Full KAP Instructor – Michigan (E), USA
Andrea Abarca, KAP 1&2 – Florida (S), USA
Esly Caldwell, III, A.P., KAP 1&2 – Ohio, USA
Kadir Gonzales, KAP 1 – Florida (S), USA
Bob Joyce, DMQ, KAP 1&2 – California (N), USA

Second Generation KAP Instructors under Tao Semko:
Dr. Ian Davies, KAP 1&2 – NSW, Australia
Paul Densmore, KAP 1&2 – Louisiana (W), USA (online, workshops)
Way McCutchen, KAP 1&2 – Wales, UK
Esly Caldwell, III, A.P., – KAP 1&2 Ohio (SW), USA
Rex Washburn, KAP 1&2 – Missouri (E), USA
Matt Howell, KAP 1 & 2 – West Midlands, UK
Dr. Justine Lemos, PhD, KAP1 & 2 – Californa (N), USA
Michelle Cleland, KAP1 & 2 – California (N), USA
Ryan Owens, KAP1 & 2 , KAP: Leadership Applications – Dallas, Texas, USA
Dr. Craig Wells, D.O., KAP 1 & 2 – NY/NJ, USA
Nathaniel Bryant, KAP 1 & 2 – Louisiana, USA

Gabriel Axel Montes, PhD, KAP 1 & 2 – (provisional instructor) East Asia (World Traveller on academic circuit)
Michael Groblewski, KAP1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Germany
Brady Hansen, KAP1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Utah, USA
Jerry Fulford, KAP1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Missouri (E), USA
Ashley Apple, KAP1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – California (N), USA, World Traveller
Kristi Wrolstad, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – California, USA
Gary Norcross, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Texas (NE), USA
Ángela Nicolás, MD, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Valencia, Spain
Kris Lunde, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Oslo, Norway
Vimal Per Klinkert, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) Netherlands; Karnataka, India; California, USA, Sweden
David Morris, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – World Traveller
Dr. Francis Yoo, D.O., KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – New York (Manhattan), USA
Dr. Anne Hagarty, M.D., KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Singapore
Felix Eschey, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Germany
Will Koenig, KAP 1 & 2 (provisional instructor) – Oklahoma, USA

Provisional KAP Instructors are new instructors authorized to teach private lessons and small workshops, provisionally, under the guidance of a Senior Instructor, and to assist KAP instructors in workshop and online classes. Journeyman/Provisional Instructors have integrated the ascending current of Kundalini through all the major in-body chakras, and understand the KAP principles and techniques.

Journeyman Instructors are still familiarizing themselves with all the various ways Kundalini affects different constitutions and personalities, and may or may not be new to teaching in general, and thus rely on Senior KAP instructors for guidance.

If you are the student of a Journeyman/Provisional KAP Instructor, you may always reach out directly to her/his Senior KAP instructor with any concerns about their awareness, knowledge, maturity, commitment, and personal ethics, and with any questions about KAP principles, techniques, and your experiences with them, that you feel have yet not been adequately clarfied.

More History:

Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process distilled the most replicable, safe, and effective physiological methods of kundalini awakening and integration from his Hoshinjutsu, HoshinTao Chi Kung, and Meditation Mastery programs. Starting in 2003, Dr. Morris further streamlined his KAP methods and added additional techniques from qigong and tantric yoga as taught Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko of UMAA Tantra. This became the Improved Kundalini Awakening Process workshop that Dr. Morris taught in the USA in the last three years of his life. In addition to workshops in which they assisted during Glenn’s lifetime, and workshops and private lessons taught after Glenn passed in 2006, since 2008 Santiago and Tao have been teaching KAP online to allow individuals all over the world the opportunity to learn.

“Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko of Umaa Tantra have been my friends and guinea pigs for integrating chi kung and yoga into an even faster path to enlightenment that I was teaching in the Kundalini Awakening program.” –from Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul: How Choice Works To Create Success or Despair, p.73, by Glenn J. Morris, Ph.D., Sci.D., ©2005. Book available in B&N Nook Format, Apple iTunes book format, and paperback (Amazon) (Lulu)

The other three senior teachers explicitly authorized by Dr. Morris himself during his lifetime to teach the older versions of Glenn’s Kundalini methods (those woven into Hoshinjutsu, HoshinTao Chi Kung, and the original Meditation Mastery recordings) are Rob Williams (Soke of Hoshinbudo Ryu), James Alexander, PhD., and the late Susan Carlson, RN.

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