Special Offers: Available Tuition Discounts on KAP courses

Tuition for KAP courses is paid directly to the individual course instructor, who is responsible for all content of her/his course and all communication with students. Therefore, discounts are offered by an individual KAP instructor, apply only to courses taught by that instructor, and are available at her/his sole discretion…

1) Charitable Giving Discounts:
$200 off courses with Santiago, Tao, or Paul, for a $100+ donation to any of the following (please email the donation receipt or a screenshot to your instructor for discount codes or a paypal invoice):
Please help continue Dr. Morris’s life’s work and make a real difference in the lives of others today through helping to provide civilian relief from natural disasters and strife: click here to donate to MercyCorps.org , or pick any other Four-Star charity on Charity Navigator’s Hurricane Michael page, Hurricane Florence Relief page, Indonesian Typhoon Relief, Typhoon Magkhut relief via 4-star rated Global Giving, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation’s Louisiana Flood Relief Fund (also 4-star rated)

Journeyman Instructor Gabriel Axel offers $200 off for a $100+ donation to PRxPR – a RELIEF & REBUILD FUND – a private, non-partisan, no overhead fund, was purposefully created to help Puerto Rico in the aftermath of two deeply devastating and unprecedented hurricanes. Committed to investing 100% of donations amongst the most critically affected communities, the Fund’s short and long-term humanitarian goals focus on food/agriculture, clean water and fuel/renewable energy initiatives. PRxPR was launched by a committed, diverse, and respected group of Puerto Rican business leaders in the US with extensive experience, broad networks, resources, and direct ties to Puerto Rico. Contributions to this Fund are fully tax deductible and can be made by visiting PRxPR.org.

The PRxPR Relief and Rebuild Fund was organized in partnership with the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, a 501(c)(3) corporation. As such, all donations to the PRxPRRR are fully tax deductible. Email Gabriel your PRxPR.org donation receipt at info @ gabrielaxel . com (remove spaces)

How to apply the discount: Make your donation and forward a copy of your email donation receipt (or a screenshot of the receipt from your web browser) to Tao at info1 @ taosemko .com (remove spaces) or Santiago at sdobles @ gmail . com (remove spaces) or Paul at therevdr23 @ gmail .com (remove spaces), indicating the class on which you request to apply the discount. Your instructor will reply with further registration instructions.

This offer may not be combined with other offers, including early-bird registrations. Offer applies to new registrations only, not to the re-attend rate. Re-attends may contact your instructor and offer a $15 or greater donation for $30 off the $125 online/$140 in-person re-attend rates, with your instructor’s prior approval.

2) Service Discounts:
Santiago Dobles offers 25% off to military veterans and active duty, first responders (fire rescue, police, emt, paramedic, trauma, etc), and professional healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, PT’s, etc) as a thank you for their service.
How to apply the discount: Email Santiago at sdobles @ gmail . com (remove spaces) with proof of employment or service, and then Paypal him 75% of the full event tuition for your class.
This offer may not be combined with other offers, including early-bird registrations.

3) Early Registration Discounts:
From time to time, KAP Instructors will offer discounts for early registration, either to gauge interest for a particular day/time for distance learning, or to cover workshop overhead and travel fees in advance of the event. The amount and timing of the discount will vary, but is posted on the registration and description page for the individual event/class.
How to apply the discount: typically the registration is already discounted at check-out until the deadline passes, when registration goes to full price.

4) Payment Plans:
Depending on their access to autobilling through Paypal or a credit card merchant account, and their individual experiences with students honoring or not honoring payment agreements, KAP Instructors may opt to offer payment plans as well as single-payment tuition — at their sole discretion. Payment buttons for such plans are listed on the registration pages for individual classes and workshops, where applicable, and are compatible with some of the discounts listed above.

5) Scholarships:
Individual KAP Instructors may choose to award a partial or full scholarship based on combination of need and merit. If a potential student is already giving back to family / community / ecosystem in ways that may not be compensated financially, plans to continue doing so, and lacks the means to pay the full tuition, a KAP instructor might opt to discount the course, or to barter for goods or services.
This offer may not be combined with other offers, including early-bird registrations.

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