What is K.A.P.? (Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process)

Above video narrated by KAP Instructor Matt Howell, about Dr. Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP)

Dr. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process is a simple set of skills that engages the actual physiological shifts experienced during kundalini awakening, and then smoothly expands the body’s neural and endocrine networks to make the physiological shifts permanent.

Rather than using abstract rituals to engage the biological changes indirectly, KAP is an ordered, synchronized practice of the biological phenomenae of kundalini arousal and awakening, using movement, emotion, breathing, visualization, and directed sensory awareness to awaken and move kundalini, evolving the consciousness as the neural and endocrine signals evolve.

The sequence of skills, some traditional, some modern, assembles into a daily practice of approximately 40 minutes daily, with supplementary skills that can be done in free moments throughout the day, or even while doing mundane activities.

KAP’s side effects are an added bonus: all of the KAP skills not only develop biological and metaphysical capacities, but also serve the KAP practitioner in work and family relationships and in times of both stress and great enjoyment.
-above text composed by KAP Senior Instructor Tao Semko

Video Transcription:

KAP is a biological system that can lead to psycho-spiritual experiences. KAP works by permanently changing the physiology of the body in order to cause shifts in consciousness, shifts in energy, shifts in emotion, to permanently integrate Kundalini through the subtle and not-so-subtle body.

People often wonder why KAP is so successful and there are many reasons for this. KAP over the years has been empirically tested and refined not only by the instructors, but also by the hundreds of students that have passed through the system.

This has allowed us to make Kundalini arousal a replicable response in all of our students.

KAP also works by stacking and layering appropriate techniques that are drawn from different systems and beliefs from all over the world. And that is without relying on any of the dogma that can be inherent in those systems because, after all, KAP is completely secular. It doesn’t require you to have any religious beliefs, or believe in any spiritual systems.

You don’t have to lead the sattva lifestyle to practice KAP. However if you do do those things, that’s acceptable too. All of the KAP instructors have also had first hand experience of Kundalini, and not just on an academic level. They’ve had what Milton would refer to as sapience(?) An actual touch or taste of Kundalini. That allows our students to come to us and literally touch the hands of experience, in order to help them on their journeys.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

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