Why do KAP?

The Process:
The KAP Level 1 course gives an individual everything necessary to rapidly arouse kundalini and safely guide it through the process of sequentially and permanently rewiring the major nerve plexuses and endocrine glands in new neural and neural-endocrine networks, and bringing the chakras and subtle channels into a continuum in the body, from the pelvic floor and tailbone to the crown of the head and beyond, and then from the crown back down to the heart and the earth — achieving a permanent and complete kundalini awakening.

The Result:
Permanent Kundalini Awakening — The Enlightened Body. KAP practitioners tend to radically increase experiences and expressions of groundedness, fluidity, charisma, drive, love and lovingkindness, communication, spatial and sensory awareness, intuition, bliss, and inner space…, unifying the personal with the transpersonal, and the personal with the transcendent… There are effects from the permanent re-wiring of the body, and further effects from continued cultivation using the course materials…

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