About KAP Workshops

KAP Workshops are two day affairs, usually 8 hours per day, with and hour and a half for lunch each day. Depending on the location and marketing, they can be small private groups of 5 or 6, all the way up to 80+ person workshop events.

Students are lead through both core material and supplementary exercises, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get personal assistance.

Although there is less personal attention than in the small Distance Learning Class groups, there is usually more energy flowing because of the larger numbers of participants, and the workshops tend to be big, social events, as well as cathartic learning experiences.

Class Summaries in Brief:

Level One is all that is necessary to cultivate your energy and arouse kundalini safely, permanently, and effectively. It consists of a special solo meditative practice with a number of very special components, and several supplementary practices of movement, sensitivity, and healing, which amplify the effects of the solo meditative practice. A complete explanation of Level One may be found here.

Level Two may only be taken upon completion of Level One. It consists of intermediate and some advanced practices with both chi (prana) and kundalini, including ways to further refine, balance, and amplify the energy you run, and also powerful esoteric methods that share that energy through healing, massage, and also dual cultivation, including sexual cultivation, and group meditations.

Register for upcoming workshops

By registering, I understand and agree that for any Improved Kundalini Awakening Process workshop I should bring a great attitude, comfortable clothes, and cushions, blankets, or a chair to sit on. I understand that you and your staff will take good care of me, but that the costs of food and hotel are my responsibility. I certify that I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional. I will receive a welcome and further instructions via email.

Although the possibility is highly unlikely, we reserve the right to postpose a K.A.P. event or to change venues if necessary. We thank you for your support.