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Dr Glenn J Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process Explained:

Frequently Asked Questions About KAP
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What is Kundalini?
What Dr. Morris’s KAP is, and what you can do using it…
How to Learn KAP: Local Workshops or Live Internet Classes
The KAP Curriculum

Tuition: Local Workshops / Live Web Classes
Why KAP costs what it does
Special Offers and Discounts
Cancellation and Refund Policy
Intellectual Property
Support, Follow up, and practitioner community
More Frequently Asked Questions about KAP:

I do another practice. Can I do KAP too..?
Is KAP Kundalini Yoga?
I have a back injury. Can I do KAP?
I have a pre-existing (physical, mental or emotional) health condition. Can I do KAP?
I don’t have / make a lot of money. How can I learn KAP?
I have previously experienced kundalini syndrome. Can KAP help me?
I experienced kundalini rising earlier in my life, but it got stuck. Can KAP help me?
I experienced kundalini rising earlier in my life, but it went away. Can KAP help me?

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Dr Glenn J Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process Explained:

What is Kundalini?

“Kundalini is the ancient, accepted term for the biological and
spiritual potential of the human body – a tiny replica of the huge
potentials that exist in nature (think lightening) and the cosmos
(think “Big Bang”). In 99.99% of people, kundalini goes unharnessed,
lying dormant deep within their nervous and endocrine systems. In the
unawakened human being, these systems are poorly connected, “rusty,”
poorly synchronized, and unable to carry much more “signal” than keeps
that person alive.

Kundalini awakening occurs when the various parts of the brain, spine,
and nerve ganglia, along with the different endocrine glands, begin to
rejuvenate, better link, and synchronize. The gonads, adrenals, and
digestive glands (connected to the experience of lower emotions)
connect to the master glands at the heart, throat, and brain.

These systems rapidly rejuvenate, function more efficiently, and
begin to carry larger quantities of bio-electric (neurotransmitter and endocrine) traffic through the body. It’s a little like comparing a 56k Modem to a Broadband T1 line. EEG and EKG scans show that “awakened” individuals have more efficient mental and biological processes.

Kundalini is what causes the great visible physical illumination, charisma, and healing abilities of saints and prophets. Every art lover has seen countless representations of the “illumination of the sages” – the halo and golden sheen around saints and holy figures of all traditions. Kundalini has been symbolized by the caduceus (medical
staff entwined with snakes), Moses’s burning bush, the Oroboros (the
world-encompassing serpent swallowing it own tail, Excalibur (King
Arthur’s sword), the Apostolic flame, the Descent of the Dove, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and more.

Kundalini is responsible for the powerful intuition, and mental and nervous-system domination of legendary martial arts masters like “Book of Five Rings” author Miyamoto Musashi and Aikido’s founder Morihei Ueshiba.

The presence of kundalini, which is also the “enlightened body” of
esoteric buddhism, grants many of the siddhis, or miraculous
powers like heightened intuition, expanded charisma, personality,
willpower, and genius. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Einstein were all

More importantly for the genuine seekers, the increased vital energy
(prana or qi) in the body of the awakened individual makes the last
step through the door to absolute awareness (the fully enlightened
mind) that much easier when in one-pointed meditation.”

What Dr. Morris’s KAP is, and what you can do using it…

Dr. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process is a simple set of skills that engages the actual physiological shifts experienced during kundalini awakening, and then smoothly expands the body’s neural and endocrine networks to make the physiological shifts permanent. Rather than using abstract rituals to engage the biological changes indirectly, KAP is an ordered, synchronized practice of the biological phenomenae of kundalini arousal and awakening, using movement, emotion, breathing, visualization, and directed sensory awareness to awaken and move kundalini, evolving the consciousness as the neural and endocrine signals evolve.
The sequence of skills, some traditional, some modern, assembles into a daily practice of approximately 40 minutes daily, with supplementary skills that can be done in free moments throughout the day, or even while doing mundane activities.
KAP’s side effects are an added bonus: all of the KAP skills not only develop biological and metaphysical capacities, but also serve the KAP practitioner in work and family relationships and in times of both stress and great enjoyment.

How to Learn KAP: Local Workshops vs Live Internet Classes

Dr Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process is taught in local weekend workshops, and worldwide by live interactive video classes available through any broadband connection where Skype, Zoom Cloud Meetings and other such streaming video apps are accessible throughout the world.
Workshops are two-day affairs lasting 8 to 12 hours. They are immersion experiences ideal for people who learn skills rapidly by doing them, and for people who enjoy the comradery of working in a fun, very energetic group.

Live interactive video classes are delivered to your home, office, or local wifi hotspot using simple, widely used video chat programs like Skype, Zoom Cloud Meetings, etc.

The workshop material is broken into 12 easily digestible modules offered over 12 weeks, one hour per week on the same time and day, so learning is incremental and ideal for progressive learners, the shy, and those who live far from our current workshop locations.

All you need is an uncensored broadband internet connection and a computer with sound and video, a reasonably good grasp of spoken English, and the capability to type questions in chat. A microphone and web cam are completely optional. We have internet students in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia… Internet Classes are kept reasonably small so that every student can interact, ask questions, and get live feedback.

Our international students often speak English as a second, third, or fourth language, and we have students from age 18 to age 80+ learning online…

Social Networking sites like MeWe and Facebook, and blogs embedded on our site, are used for discussion and archiving the weekly class materials and text and video supplements.

For more on our KAP interactive distance learning, please take a look here.

The KAP Curriculum:
KAP 1: This course/workshop provides all the methods and understanding you need to safely, rapidly, and permanently awaken and fully integrate kundalini through the body’s major consciousness centers using conscious entrainment of the body’s endocrine and neurological responses. This one course is all you need. Everything else is just added fun and assistance.
In KAP 1 you will learn emotional and breath cultivation and circulation, how to activate Kundalini, work with the Godai (5 elements) model of embodied consciousness, do Kundalini Meditation, Internal Alchemy, Progressive relaxation, basic energy Healing, and most importantly you will become more and more blissful as you practice the methods in KAP.

KAP 2: Additional plug-in methods to continue to amplify energy, while fine-tuning control and sensitivity, removing blockages, storing energy in the body as balanced reserves, and to skillfully energetically interact with other people and the natural environment.
In KAP 2 you will go deeper and deeper in to your training and practices of energy work, chi kung, Healing, Kundalini Meditation & Tantra. You integrate what you have learned in Kap 1 in to Kap 2. You will become more skilled at moving and circulating chi with ease as you practice more. If you have taken KAP1 and haven’t taken KAP 2 yet, you will want to register now as soon as possible so you can reserve your place in the course.
KAP CE: KAP Creativity Enhancement – energetic techniques to enhance physical, sensory, and mental creativity.
PSD: Psychic Self Defense. Using the methods of KAP 1 and 2 as a basis, use subtle energy to defend and protect your self and your environment, family and personal objects from subtle negative intent and harm or negativity, via energetic defense, spatial awareness, shamanism and more. You will learn both ancient and modern methods from a variety of cultures and traditions, including Shamanism, Silat, Ninpo, Tantra and Internal Martial Arts.
KAP 3: Whereas KAP1 and 2 focus on Kundalini as energy flow, KAP 3 focuses on the expressions and personifications of Kundalini as fields of presence, spaciousness, beingness and bliss, and their respective unions, first working with them as polarities, and then in union. What KAP1 and 2 principles and practices do for energy dynamics, KAP3 and 4 do for local and non-local consciousness dynamics
KAP 4: KAP4 focuses on realizing non-dual awareness (and creative expression from it) via methods and principles of non-dual contemplative traditions including Saivite and Buddhist Mahamudra, Dzogchen, contemplative Taoism, Sufism, Cabbalism, and Sufism…


  • regular tuition for any one KAP course: $694
  • payment plans: some instructors offer multi-payment plans, which usually include additional fees to cover the additional transaction charges
  • re-attend any KAP course you have previously attended: $140 workshop/$125 online

Why KAP costs what it does:
Because of the powerful transformative nature of kundalini and the dangers of kundalini syndrome when techniques and attitudes are improperly applied, Dr. Morris insisted that KAP never be reduced to its information, rather, that the instructors be available for questions and related assistance both at the workshop or class, and throughout the evolution of the students kundalini process, a process which continues well past the initial rewiring of all the body’s major centers or chakras. In essence, Dr. Morris provided lifetime free Q&A support to any enrolled student who was willing to follow his advice on energy cultivation, kundalini, and consciousness, and expects the same degree of dedication from all his certified instructors. (Please note; he did not suffer those who disregarded his advice to their own detriment more than one time, and neither do the other KAP instructors. After all, if you’re not willing to follow advice, why come back for more?) In addition to the value of the safe, efficient, and powerful principles and techniques presented in the KAP courses, and the considerable expertise of your KAP instructor, you are paying for this valuable individual support during and after the course..

Available Discounts and Special Offers:
Read more about our special tuition offers here

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation: if you cannot attend a workshop or online class, you may immediately notify the instructor and ask to transfer to a future class or workshop with the same instructor.
In the rare event that an instructor must reschedule a workshop, students may similarly ask to take either an online class with the same instructor, or a future workshop with the same instructor.

POLICY ON REFUNDS: Once an online student has access to their materials, they may not request a refund. Refunds of tuition for online courses are available until a student first has access or accesses any course materials.

Due to a large number of abuses by delinquents downloading and then torrenting, sharing, selling, or otherwise pirating course materials or login credentials and then having the gall to demand a refund, we no longer offer any money-back guarantee.

Our guarantee was a good faith offer, and for years it was honored and rarely abused by registrants. Then that changed with the culture around 2011. We work very hard on behalf of our students, past, present, and future, both during the course, and offering hours of follow-up afterwards. We do not tolerate dishonest dealings with our time and materials.

Online students who are in the process of applying, and have not yet been given access to materials or live teachings, may request and receive a prompt refund at any time prior to receiving course access.

Workshop / Retreat/ Seminar students may ask for a raincheck or credit for a future workshop / retreat / seminar or online course with the same instructor, but there are no refunds since part of the tuition goes to pay space rental, instructor airfare, etc, and seating is limited.

There are no refunds on shaktipat sessions.

Intellectual Property:
All text, video, and audio, both pre-recorded and live, included as a part of the course, including text and audio/video chats, is copyrighted, and made available only to the individual who has paid for the course, for personal use only. Materials are not to be duplicated, ripped, re-uploaded, bit-torrented or otherwise fileshared, shared on forums or private servers, or played for other individuals, groups, or the general public, without the express written permission of the author(s) and copyright holder(s). No individuals are to represent themselves as teachers, instructors, or facilitators of these materials without being formally certified as such by the first generation of KAP instructors certified by Dr. Morris, and acknowledged publicly on this site as such…

Support, Follow up, and practitioner community

After your workshop or course, there are multiple online discussion boards, social networks (Facebook, Ning), free, live weekly practices, clinics, q&a, and reviews online… in short, plenty of continued support for your practice, and plenty of opportunity to share with fellow practitioners worldwide.

Other FAQs about KAP

I do another practice. Can I do KAP too..?

Yes, despite what other teachers and systems may have told you, every technique has a particualar effect on your physiology, subtle body, and personality, so as long as you tell us what your current practices are, we can tell you how to balance all of your practices with KAP.

Is KAP Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga traditionally meant any practice designed to arouse kundalini and merge the ego-personality with this evolutionary energy and higher consciousness. So in that sense KAP is the acme of kundalini yoga practices.

Confusing the issue, many western hatha yoga practitioners hear “Kundalini Yoga” and immediately associate the phrase with the hatha and kriya yoga practices taught by Yogi Bhajan and his Sikh Dharma and 3HO organizations. He called those practices “Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.” Out of the hundreds of exercises he taught for various applications, only a little over a handful are specifically designed to arouse the evolutionary force called Kundalini. But Bhajan was a brilliant marketer as well as a yogi, and knowing the caché of Kundalini and its symbolism, he named his entire system “Kundalini Yoga.” But most if not all of the exercises taught in a typical class by his disciples are not meant to arouse kundalini.

Kundalini Yoga in the classical sense includes Laya Yoga, tantric hatha yoga, and tantric kriya yoga, and by extension, many other practices from other cultures designed with the same practices in mind… alchemical qigong, western internal alchemy, the Sioux Sundance, Christian Mysticism, Sufi internal practices, etc. KAP is a powerful, non-sectarian, streamlined, modern syncretic form of classical Kundalini Yoga and alchemical qigong.

I have a back injury. Can I do KAP?

Usually, the answer is yes, with your doctor’s permission. KAP can be practiced sitting, standing, and if necessary, lying down. Several students with previous back injuries have successfully aroused kundalini using KAP in a supine practice position.

I have a pre-existing health condition. Can I do KAP?

That depends entirely on the recommendation of your personal physician. In general, KAP is inappropriate for those with abnormally high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, bipolar disorder, schitzophrenia, megalomania, and various other cardiac and psychiatric conditions, unless closely monitored by the supervising physician, with the full knowledge and permission of the physician.

KAP is a very safe process, but it does use deep breathing techniques and techniques of emotional amplification that may be inappropriate for those with the aforementioned health concerns.

I don’t have / make a lot of money. How can I learn KAP?

That answer depends on you. In addition to the weekly class sessions, our instructors spend many hours each week answering emails and taking calls from our current and past students. We remain available to help our students, at no additional charge, long after they complete the course, and our expertise is extremely valuable — and rather unusual.

Send us a respectful, honest, and detailed essay (text, audio, or video) on your circumstances and what you propose in lieu of the standard payment agreement.

Who are you? What do you do for your family and community? What do you spend your earnings on, honestly? Do you volunteer or help your community? Do you live and work in a developing nation with lower individual incomes, but still have municipal broadband access within reasonable distance? Are you a student or retiree on a fixed income by your own choice, or could you earn more by choice?

How much do you spend monthly on entertainment, cable/ satellite television, gaming, eating out? We’ve had students in the US and Europe ask for a discount because they “couldn’t afford” a class or workshop, yet upon inquiry they admitted owning $3000 plasma televisions and paying $180 monthly for a deluxe satellite broadband subscription.

On the other hand, we’ve accepted students in developing countries where the whole town together earns less than the aforementioned individuals’ entertainment costs, and the student was willing to walk 2 hours each way to an internet cafe to take our distance learning course, on top of working 70 hours a week. Reasonable cost is relative to the situation, and so is our willingness to provide scholarships and additional payment plans. Show us how your proposal of exchange for our classes or workshops will benefit everyone involved (your society, the planet, you, and the KAP instructors), and we just might honor your request. If we find your proposal unsatisfactory, we will simply tell you to re-submit.

I have previously experienced kundalini syndrome. Can KAP help me?

Yes, KAP has built-in safety features that are designed to prevent kundalini syndrome in new practitioners and to alleviate existing imbalances experienced by those who have practiced other systems or have experienced spontaneous kundalini rising – please see Way McCutcheon’s story on our testimonials page.

I experienced kundalini rising earlier in my life, but it got stuck.

KAP will show you how to un-stick it – the KAP principles work on anyone with a human body!

I experienced kundalini rising earlier in my life, but it went away. Can KAP help?

Yep, we’ve helped many individuals who came to us in the same situation to fully and permanently awaken their kundalini.

Shaktipat, what it is, how we do it….

Kundalini Shaktipat is the transfer of Kundalini Energy (Shakti) from one individual into another via touch, breath, gaze, or intention. Kundalini Shakti differs from Chi or Prana in that it is intelligent, creative energy. In KAP practice it can be used as a catalyst or accelerant for the “patee”, accelerating the physiological changes brought about by the KAP practice. Shaktipat can occasionally bring about awakening on its own without any practice. That said, Dr. Morris formulated his KAP practice to work independently of shaktipat.

He recommended that only individuals with a suitable regular practice get shaktipat, as a practice helps to work the shakti through the system, and shaktipat does accelerate the KAP process. A gentle shaktipat is built in to all of our courses and workshops, but a practitioner may also elect to get the 30 minute individual shaktipat and meridian clearing which Dr. Morris offered in the afternoons and evenings following every KAP workshop.

"Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko of Umaa Tantra have been my friends and guinea pigs for integrating chi kung and yoga into an even faster path to enlightenment that I was teaching in the Kundalini Awakening program."
— excerpted from Quantum Crawfish Bisque for the Clueless Soul: How Choice Works To Create Success or Despair, p.73 by Glenn J. Morris, Ph.D., Sc.D.,

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