Does “Kundalini Awakening” mean the first stirrings, or the whole enchilada?

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by Tao Semko

The English language has been used to describe and discuss the metaphysics of Kundalini for less than two centuries, sometimes in translation from Sanskrit, and sometimes in commentaries written directly in English. In that period, the Sanskrit-Anglo phrase “Kundalini Awakening” has been used to indicate metaphysical events at opposite ends of the spectrum of kundalini experience.

The primary event is energetic. Kundalini energy “awakens” from metaphorical “slumber” in the 1st chakra. This preceeds the process of that energy then rising and integrating with various aspects of the physical and subtle body. There are many ways to trigger this initial movement from inertial consciousness to kinetic kundalini energy.

The second metaphysical event is the evolution of consciousness – a psycho spiritual awakening brought on by kundalini’s movements and integration within the organism.

Various changes in consciousness are associated with kundalini flowing through, merging with, and opening each of the various regions of the physical and subtle anatomy.

The initial energetic “awakening” of kundalini from its “sleep” may produce a variety of sensations, but typically not much initial change in perspective or ability…

On the other hand, once kundalini has begun ascending through a person’s body, the various realizations, perspective shifts, and amplifications that are experienced and lumped together under the second definition of “kundalini awakening” can be profound and vast. These continue during kundalini’s kinetic ascending current, its more graceful descending flow, and its looping outward and inward lateral kinetic expressions…,

The psycho-spiritual experiences are dependent upon which part of the bodies’ geography is currently being “lit up” and “re-wired” by kundalini’s movement, and subsequently on how much those areas and their capacities are exercised.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this article…In English usage, does “Kundalini Awakening” mean the first energetic stirrings of the energy, or the subsequent expansion of consciousness after a deeper integration? The answer is “both” – both definitions are historically correct – you must decide from the writer’s context if the initial energy awakening, or the more profound change(s) in consciousness are indicated.

In the context of his own writings and oral transmission, when he speaks of Kundalini Awakening, Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD almost exclusively means “the whole enchilada” – the full rise, descent, and integration of the kundalini, with all of the implied changes in consciousness .

We sometimes receive emails from individuals saying “why would I attend a workshop / an online class just to get kundalini to stir a little… I can do that in yoga class / meditation / music/ the bedroom!

Our answer to those emails is an explicit clarification: Dr. Morris’s KAP Level One not only facilitates kundalini stirring from her metaphoric slumber, but then assists and balances the the resulting unfolding of this “energy of consciousness” through the body’s systems, freeing and integrating the various normal and supra-normal capacities and realizations that develop as a result.

KAP is a simple and powerfully elegant system, that works directly to activate and exercise the very principles involved in kundalini’s unfolding…

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