Five Circumstances that conspire to guarantee a smooth and complete Kundalini Awakening and Integration

Video in two short clips: the five necessary practice conditions for your body and mind to experience a safe, rapid, permanent, and complete rise and full integration of kundalini, allowing for truly embodied spiritual realization*:

Senior KAP Instructor Tao Semko’s next 12-week online KAP Class – everything you need to know to safely, skillfully, & rapidly raise and permanently integrate kundalini through the major centers of the physical and subtle body..

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*Different secular, spiritual, and religious traditions have different terminology for the experience of awakening/realization/enlightenment, including Satori, Self-Realization, G_d Realization, Realization of the Nature of Mind/ Realization of the Union of Compassion and Wisdom, etc… each of which encompass some of the same direct experiences, coupled with the worldviews of the philosophies in which they are practiced.

The Body of Enlightenment/ Enlightened Body/ Body of Gnosis is the human body fully illuminated by the energetic awakening known in different cultures as Kundalini, the Apostolic Flame, Shekinah, Candali/gTummo, the ‘Fire of Separation”, etc… Such a body viscerally experiences the Mind Realization described in the previous paragraph, rather than the realization merely being experienced on the mental level.