KAP Instructor Ian Davies – My Experience of Aspects of the Greatest Kan and Li

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My Experience of Aspects of the Greatest Kan and Li
©2010 by KAP Instructor Ian Davies, speaking of his experiences as a former KAP student.

“I would like to highlight my interpretation of the experiences of going through the Kan and Li and then the journey back within the central channel.

Going through the greatest Kan and Li opens the gate to the experience of oneness with the universe, the creator, god, or the life force; however you wish to express it. The process of Samadhi or going into absorption is important as when the constant chatter of your thoughts stop this allows for experiential knowing to be realised. These experiences can then be reinterpreted after the event.

The greatest Kan and Li provides freedom from the shackles of your ego and the experience of your own consciousness being limited to the confines of the physical body. It is beyond that as you blow open your link to the greater consciousness. This link is not really a confined bandwidth but more of a conduit of freedom to go beyond yourself and be the universe and experience any aspect of it you wish, and for me it comes as a feeling rather than any other sense.

You can experience the union of Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, opposing forces in constant motion. You can go to the essence of creation, the raw force underneath, or the basis of the universe, the pure light emptiness, the primordial mind. You can go to any aspect you wish with gentle direction, such as before the big bang and experience that in a way. You can go to any of the cosmological movements, before during and after the macrocosm experience, you can revisit them.

When you take this back down first to the upper dantien, here you experience your consciousness as an inextricable part of the greater consciousness, the universe without, equally expressed within. Consciousness becomes everything, both the personal experience of the tiny fragment in this body, in this life and then all the bigger consciousness in which we are spiralling and moving, including the cosmic consciousness and the unmanifest, primordial mind.

Absorption here allows you to experience it without dominance of the ego; you experience it more as it is. It is not influenced by the generic ego personality, we normally experience in our mundane lives, but it is still influenced by the aspects of the crown and the antacharana that are open. This casts a slightly personal shade to the way each practitioner experiences things flowing in through the crown. It is not completely objective but much more so than prior to the crown opening. We all still will get slightly different aspects of the greater reality.

If you drop back down into the experience of the Ego Personality, of course it is still very much there. But it has got this constant experience of being permeated by something greater than itself and it is easy enough, if you are willing to tune in, to be guided by that all the time rather than being submerged in reactiveness.

Taking it down to the middle dantien you experience your spirit, or soul as part of the ocean of spirit. You experience the spark that has always been there eternally part of god, the core of who you are, the soul that will go on eternally.

In the lower dantien you shed all aspects of individuation and dissolve into the primordial mind and can experience the creation and dissolution of aspects within your microcosm and then beyond.

As you have followed the central channel upwards and merged with the cosmos, father sky, then equally you take it down to the Maha Earth chakra, mother earth and complete the link between the two polarities in this existence as an awakened human being, feeling this internally and experiencing it externally.

Absorption is important as it allows you again to let go of thoughts and therefore viscerally experience these aspects of yourself without the clouding of the ego and mind. All thoughts are ultimately misleading, meant in the term, that they are your own limited expression of reality. Going beyond thoughts allows you to become in touch with the greater truth. This is the advantage of combining Samadhi with everyday life, living in your body and personality. Instead of escapism you further integrate meditative wisdom with your life.

When you let go and absorb there is also bliss because there is no longer pain from anything that you have created. You are absorbed into the voidness within and since we are the creators of our own pain we no longer are able to create pain because we have let go of everything. You are no longer holding on to aversion which can cause as much suffering as desire to have and experience something. This leads to the freedom to experience the unification of bliss and voidness. The bliss is no longer held onto because it is not a want anymore…because you are simply being. The bliss and emptiness are co dependant being part of the same whole, or absolute, but not dependant on anything inside of you.

The more you go into each experience and then allow all aspects to integrate and merge it all becomes a continuum that becomes part of your natural awareness. When maintaining equipoise, one can become better at simply residing in this divine beingness, innate in us all.”