KAP Interactive Online Learning

August 24th, 2008

Improved Kundalini Awakening Process Long Distance Learning Program

Learn from Home in 12 weekly classes!

Now you can master Dr. Glenn Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process practice from your own home in just 12 weekly sessions, delivered personally by your instructor to you in a small group of privileged students, through free, safe, simple to use, widely available internet programs.

Each week, learn directly from your teacher…
and get any clarifications you need, in real time!

This interactive distance learning program features direct contact with your teacher, in small groups of students, and free audio, video, and text supplements. It’s easy to set up, even if you don’t like technology, and it connects you directly and live to experienced, caring instructors who can answer your questions and give you personal assistance in learning the practice.

A working computer and broadband internet is all you need!

If you have a working computer hooked up to broadband internet, that’s all you need! Of course, if it’s your preference, you may still learn the methodology in one jam-packed weekend at one of our periodic workshops or retreats.

Read more about KAP distance learning below!

August 24th, 2008

After many requests, and some serious experimentation, we’ve created an interactive distance learning program that properly transmits Dr. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, keeping our promise to him always teach it with personalization, with full oral and energetic transmission of the materials that are not communicated in his printed materials and recordings. Here’s the story…

The Backstory

The Improved Kundalini Awakening Process contains a lot of material that was transmitted orally, through visual demonstration and body language, kinesthetically through body awareness and direct energy transmission. When KAP was first created by Doctor Morris, his published books Path Notes, and Shadow Strategies both documented some of the meditative and energy techniques that form part of the structure of KAP.

Oral Tradition

But Dr. Morris only taught KAP privately and in workshops. By teaching in person, he showed exactly how to use the “book techniques” together with a few “supercharging” methods that he kept as oral tradition only. He also transmitted a number of shortcuts to reduce the necessary practice time, that he left out of his books and Meditation Mastery audio program. The audio CDs and summary manual that he gave out in the workshops were basically “Cliff’s Notes” of the meditations and supplementary practices… But both the CD and manual were only skeletons of the practice, and contained warnings not to practice the techniques without proper instruction.

For this reason, Doctor Morris always emphasized that the brief manual and audio CD should never be sold alone, without accompanying personal instruction and energy transmission.

What happens when you don’t follow instructions…

And over the years, some men and women, who never took the workshop but happened upon a KAP CD or manual at a garage sale and attempted the techniques, have come to Doc or his certified instructors in the Hoshin Budo Ryu, scared by the power they’ve released in themselves, not knowing what to do to be “normal” again… so we fixed them back up and told them to be more responsible and pay attention to warning labels in the future…

The Demand for KAP Distance Learning

Since Doctor Morris passed away, many, many people have emailed and called, from countries all over the world, expressing their profound interest in learning the Kundalini Awakening Process, but saying they live too far away, or have too many familial and business responsibilities to make the trip to the US for a KAP workshop.

Since there are only five instructors with Doctor Morris’s express permission to teach KAP specifically, and we only teach several workshops per year, KAP availability from reputable instructors has been limited until this day.

When Doc passed away, communications technology was only just reaching the point where workshops could truly be taught through the internet, allowing for visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning and energetic mirroring and transmission.

The evolution of new technology…

With the current explosion in social networking and real-time internet communications, in the last 6 months we have run experiments by teaching KAP to individuals in other states and countries.

Interactive classes in your home or office

We “meet” for half an hour a week, sharing techniques and energy, using video, audio, and text, and answering questions right there, using free, common, and easy-to-use communications services, and direct chi and shakti transmission.

Success through distance learning!

The experiments were a success… students have gone through everything from Chi development to Lesser Kan and Li (Lesser Kan and Li is permanent kundalini awakening through the body chakras, but not those in the head), to Greater and Greatest Kan and Li (Greater and Greates Kan and Li involve full, permanent awakening and return of kundalini through all major chakras of the body and head).

Free and Easy Communications Technology

The technology we use is free for anyone with a broadband internet connection, it’s easy, and it works.

Small Personal Groups

By keeping the distance learning classes to groups of eighteen or fewer students, “meeting” once weekly through the internet, for 12 weeks, with additional email, discussion board, and skype support, everyone gets even more personal attention than in a workshop scenario, with plenty of opportunity to practice each new set of skills during the week before the next session.

How your class will work…

We’re very happy to finally present this opportunity to Doctor Morris’s fans and to non-dogmatic spiritual seekers througout the world. The cost is the same as the workshop, all materials are the same, the only difference is everything is delivered in 12 weekly installments instead of in one straight weekend.

Each class will be strictly limited to a group of the same six students, at the same time every week. We will stagger the times so that a class will be available at a reasonable hour for students in all time zones. The first two KAP Level One Long Distance Classes will begin the first week of September! Your class will be limited to you and five other students to guarantee you personal attention… but since class size is limited, act now to ensure your space!

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— Tao Semko, Certified Instructor, Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process

In the few days since we’ve released the new program, we’ve received some great questions that we want to answer right away, starting with what tools a student need to participate:

There is no experience necessary to take KAP Level One.

KAP has no prerequisites at all, except a sound mind and body, and the abilities to understand english and to learn from audio, video, and text. Doctor Morris designed this program so that it would be just as accessible and effective for a total newbie as it would for an experienced meditator, healer, martial artist, or yogi.

All you need is 1) a working computer with sound, and
2) a reasonably speedy internet connection.

That’s it! DSL or cable Broadband will work just fine. Built-in computer speakers or regular earphones are enough. Capable of displaying simple small internet videos like those on Youtube.com. You can type your questions into live chat. You’ll be able to hear and watch us on video. If you want to use a headset, mic, external speakers, or a webcam, you can, but you don’t need any of those to use this program and succeed. You just need a keyboard and the ability to hear and see us on your screen.

Communicate for Free!

We will be using a FREE, very common, safe, easy-to-install-and-use, computer program called Skype. The Skype technology is owned and used by EBAY. It is one of the easiest, most secure forms of internet communication. It allows instructors and students to chat with text, and do audio or video conference calls at the same time. It’s all done computer-to-computer, and it’s all free! We regularly use Skype to provide support on our DVDs and e-books, and to teach private classes, around the world.


24-Hour Access to your Video, Audio, and Text supplements Online

So that you always have access to supplementary materials, we will also ask you to create a profile (it’s also free) on Facebook.com, a very large and reputable social networking website, and we will invite you to a special private class page on Facebook where we will post videos, audio, q & a, and e-books for each distance learning session as it progresses. You can quickly create a profile right now on Facebook at www.Facebook.com – again, its free. Even if you’re not currently enrolled in KAP distance learning, you can join us in the public KAP page here once you’ve created that profile!

2012 Update:Many of our current classes are now delivered either through passworded login on KundaliniAwakeningProcess.com, or via DropBox and other such services, depending on the instructor’s preferences. There is also a private KAP Level One graduates discussion group on Facebook.

Commit yourself to just 12 half-hour to one-hour sessions of scheduled learning…
               all from the comfort of home!!

Rather than the 12 plus hour commitment of a two-day KAP workshop, in KAP interactive Distance Learning, we post text and audio/video supplements online, to be reviewed at your leisure between class times.

This way the class time itself is shorter and can be used for meditations, question and answer period, transmission of the oral tradition, and energy transmission, along with showing you where everything fits in the “big picture.”

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And don’t worry,
we’ve got you covered if you miss a session, or if your internet suddenly goes out…

If you miss part or all of a week’s session, your weekly learning materials (any text, and audio or video) will still be up on the server, accessible to you and your fellow classmates once you get back online.

Not only that, but we’ll archive and post the live portion of each week’s class in the private page for your class group — that means the actual text chat transcript, and any live audio or video presentations and conversations we record.

And, you can ask any questions you were unable to ask during the session by posting them to your class page on Facebook, anytime during the week in between class sessions, and we will answer your questions there, or in the next week’s live class.

In short, there is no problem at all if you miss one or two class sessions!

However, if you plan to be unavailable for the lion’s share of your classes, or if something big like a family or work emergency occurs mid-session, we can simply bump you to a class beginning in a later month, that is more suited to your schedule and availability. That way the other students are not inconvenienced by unecessary repetition, and you get the full benefit and enjoyment of the interactive training you paid for!

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To read more about the Improved Kundalini Awakening Process itself, look here!

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