The Lightning Path — Core Kundalini Teachings of Dr Glenn J Morris in Orlando, FL, USA, with Bob Joyce, DMQ

Workshop Title: The Lightning Path and Core Kundalini Teachings of Dr Glenn J Morris with many additional aspects for Healing and Living in Pure Health using Energetics, Qigong, and Neigong

KAP Instructor: Bob Joyce, DMQ

Dates: March 28 & 29, 2020

Times: TBA

Location:The Grove Resort

Language: English

Seminar Cost: US$401, payment accepted via Cash, Square or PayPal …1/2 off for KAP 2 Graduates and 2/3 off for Journeyman Instructors with Neigong experience to assist the Class.

In Doctor Morris’s own words, “Keep going. Keep playing. Study on this.”

To honor Doc, his legacy, his teachings, his many amazing discoveries and talents, the Worldwide KAP tribe and Doc’s considerable effect on my blessed Life, I intend that 2020 be about Expanding the Core teachings, by going deeper into the “Teaching of the Methods of Dr Glenn J Morris.” Additionally, I honor and express gratitude to both Tao Semko and Santiago Dobles, who have been extremely instrumental in Honoring “Doc” by carrying the proverbial torch and epitomizing being Warriors, Teachers and Humans Being on a True Spiritual Path! They have supported me with Love and Compassion every day since my initial connection with them so many years ago!

My focus will be expanding the Lightning Path concepts in conjunction with my other Lineages and Esoteric Teachings while staying true within the core “Doc” teaching perspectives. “This is what Doc taught; here is where we can expand on that, and where we can add value to become The Enlightened Body of Awakened Kundalini.” It is paramount to be fully understanding of key aspects that “allow” and create, rather than to work with esoteric concepts that one is not yet capable of. Can we exist as the Center of Space and Time? Can we operate so finely tuned that we can actually allow being ahead of time itself? What is it like being Presence in the Present Moment, over being Reactionary and Habitual? Clearing Emotional Wounds is critical; can you stay in the Observer mode when triggered and you are flowing serious juice?

The more we connect and train together, the greater the Individual can grow on their own path. Sometimes we need to congregate and be open to new ideas rather than stay within a habit pattern. Consider the value of being given wisdom you can move/flow into and feel and experience as in spinal/body alignment (IE. Standing Wuji) ….or allow deeper energetic connection in a synergistic Divine Space, a great way to break through a personal blockage or barrier, known or unknown.

I will be at an Event in Glastonbury with friends during late January and then continuing working with private clients in Lyon, Paris, and Spain. The weekend of Feb 1-2, we will be in Paris at the Hyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle Airport, training, healing, growing, and learning. The following weekend, Feb 8-9 we will be in Seville, Spain, and each Weekend Event will flow with specific goals that emanate the deeper concepts of Neigong. We will be practicing using Neigong skills to increase the effectiveness of the Warrior Walk or 5 Point Breathing etc, or just walking and breathing!

I am not planning on this as a teaching of the KAP 1 and 2 curriculums in full, this is about highly valuable Meditations, Health and Healing, Learning and Sharing, the concepts of Taiji and Bagua, Esoteric Yoga, Medical Qigong, and Soul Retrieval concepts,…all of which is Neigong, and we will go through all 18 Rules of posture in Wuji,… and moving from the Center Channel -Taiji Pole, fully grounded, fully connected –front –back –right –left –top –bottom –inside –outside. How is your glow, your Wei Qi field? What is your Breath like? Is it slow and controlled capable of dropping into the Lower Dan Tien in that moment of Stress or Triggering? What does your saliva taste like and where is your tongue? What does your heart rate and blood pressure measure at? Can you read someone’s chakra’s (or your own) energy and tell them to how open their meridians, especially the 8 Extraordinary Meridians and clear blockages? The curriculum will be directed in some aspects by the participants, if there is an area of review or new beginnings, I will ensure it is brought to attention and addressed if it benefits the class as a whole.

How do you feel in this exact moment? What are your Energy levels like, physically, energetically and spiritually? Therapeutic Healing sessions, Medical Qigong, shaktipat and counseling may be offered on a space available basis after full discussion of aspirations and goals, intentions and expectations, constitution and level of awakened state. We will be available for sessions in Paris and Seville prior to, and just after the local event.

All attendees will be interviewed via Video to insure a smooth vibe for all participants. Please provide me with your answers to the following questionnaire, per standard KAP procedure:

Journeyman instructors and those that have done KAP 1 & 2 previous with other Instructors are requested to just provide a video call only for my getting to know you prior, and see where you may assist in any teaching, thank you.

As this is not intended a full curriculum KAP 1 & 2, those that have not completed both, would be expected and best served to follow up with an online version (if local is not possible) in the following months, with myself or other Instructors offering that type format.

If you have questions use or +1 408-315-6811
I can use Wire, Skype and WhatsApp. Proton and Wire are preferred as they are encrypted and secure for privacy.

Thanks, I look forward to meeting you all!

Brief Bio of KAP Instructor Bob Joyce, DMQ