Register for KAP Level Four Online, Session K401 with Tao Semko

Register for KAP Level Four,
Class Session K401,

Saturdays, 9:00am Miami Time,
Beginning Saturday, May 19, 2012

(click to convert Miami time to your local time), 12 weeks, one half hour each week
Instructor: Tao Semko

KAP Level Four Distance Learning:

Level Four may only be taken upon completion of Level Three. KAP 4 was designed for those who have cultivated qi, permanently awakened kundalini through the core of the the major bodily chakras, and experientially realized the union of bliss and emptiness

We recommend at least a year of practice with the KAP 3 materials before undertaking the practice of KAP4.

KAP3 focuses heavily on deeper integration of the mental and emotional sheaths of consciousness with energetic experiences far beyond the physical, while KAP4 focuses on integration of causal and bliss consciousness, and non-dual awareness…

KAP 4 includes methods of recognizing the Primordial Nature of Consciousness (“the Mind”), and dissolution and integration with it, and spontaneous creativity from it…

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