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In this week’s free KAP video, KAP Instructor Tao Semko addresses how initially blissful Kundalini experiences can plateau, peak and valley as the physical and subtle bodies re-wire and adjust, or as biological and energetic resources are depleted without replenishing them:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Video Transcription:

Part 1:

“When I first started practicing KAP, I had a lot of very blissful experiences. It was very obvious that something powerful was happening in my body. Now when I meditate, it doesn’t feel like the incredible earth shattering progress I was experiencing at first.”

When you start practicing KAP or any system or methodology that works, that does open Kundalini, you can have a series of very powerful feeling physical experiences as well as powerful emotional experiences, as well as everything from visions to, you know, internal awarenesses that open up.

It’s very common for those to start, and once they’ve started, to feel very radical for some period of time, and then for those experiences to plateau or even dive back down again. Later on you may again have another ascent, and then another plateau.

The reason for this is twofold. It may be more than that, but there’s two primary things that are going on.

The first is, the more that you use the neural pathways of the body, and build new neural networks by constantly bringing your awareness through those parts of the body, and by having the spontaneous, or autonomic portions of the Kundalini wiring through your body, meaning that you’re having spontaneous kriyas, or actions, or movements, through the nerves, and also contractions and releases of the muscles working in oscillations. Going through that process repeatedly, day after day because you’re practicing and engaging those processes day after day, and this is a biological process that has spiritual ramifications.

When you engage those things day after day, you literally increase the amount of load or capacity of energy that your nerves, that your endocrine system, that your meridians or subtle channels can handle in your body. It’s as if you had plumbing and you’re at first forcing a whole bunch of new fluid through that plumbing, and then you started to actually widen the gauge of the plumbing, make it bigger and bigger so that it could handle more and more flow.

All of a sudden, even though you’ve still got a ton of fluid flow going through that plumbing, because you made the tube bigger, the pressure feels lower, it doesn’t feel as extreme anymore.

Same thing with a wiring system if you look at this as an electrical metaphor. If you have current going through very small wires, and you increase the current, the wires are going to get very hot. You’re going to notice a lot of stuff going on. The wires may even fry if you get too much current going through there, before you build a stronger circuit grid.

If you then start increase the gauge of the wiring, or if you clean off the corrosion of the existing wiring, there’s less heat, there’s less fireworks, there’s less sparks, there’s less explosions. And you don’t really want sparks or explosions, to be truthful.

The current goes through smoothly. There’s a much larger current flowing through, but it’s not as big of a deal int terms of the fireworks.

So, that’s the first thing is your neural networks are increasing in their capacity to handle larger movements of energy, of nerve impulses, endocrine flushes as you release more and more hormones into your bloodstream. Your body gets used to this just like, if you’re lifting weights, your muscles gradually through daily practice get the ability to handle more and more load in terms of weight. Your body gets stronger through practice.

You are reinforcing those behaviors in your body that are conducive to Kundalini flow.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

Part 2:

When Kundalini breaches and opens certain areas of the subtle body, it literally takes concretized or solidified or crystallized — this is all a metaphor, of course. You’re not actually — [there aren’t] physical chunks of stuff in there that you’re burning away.

But, there are parts of your personality, the energy of who you think you are (a carpenter, a mailman, lawyer, a father, a mother, a son, whatever it happens to be.) all those things that you think of as a concept of who you are, and what you have to be in order to be the personality that is Tao, or Joe, or Francis, whatever it might be.

As you begin to open up this, initially, potential energy that becomes kinetic and it starts to move freely through each of those plexuses in the body, through each of those chakras, through each of the endocrine centers, through each of the nerve plexuses, all of these corresponding layers of physical, and emotional, and subtle self.

As each of those breaks free, and gets shaken up by this kinetic energy, a lot of that concretized energy, that energy that has been sort of stuck in place as a particular thought form, as a coherent sense of being, as a very basic pattern that always runs the same way, a habitual pattern, it starts to get broken free and that energy is actually consumed as energy — excuse me, consumed as fuel, which allows for even more Kundalini flow.

In doing so it can produce dramatic internal visual experiences, and I don’t mean hallucinations per se. I mean blasts of light behind the eyes. Explosions from the pineal gland where you’re actually seeing very powerful white light, or red light, or black light, depending on what part of the body is being opened. You may get explosions of the different phosphenes, the colors corresponding to activity in different nerve plexuses in the body.

So you may see flashes of colors behind the eyes. You may see actual visions, or you may have muscle memories shaken loose from your system where you suddenly, very radically experience breaking your leg when you were skiing when you were six years old or whatever it happens to be. Some previous experience.

Or you experience again your first instance of falling in love, or orgasm, or any other powerful visceral experience from your lifetime. Those are all very normal things. You’re literally shaking yourself up, loosening up things that have been frozen in your personality, in your memory banks, in your brain, and in the muscle memories of your body.

And those bits of frozen energy add now to the flow of energy and bliss, and “powerful” experiences as you’re going through the initial opening of each subsequent part of the body as Kundalini Rises.

Now, each time that something opens, you may have some period of time before you make the necessary shifts in awareness to get that energy to flow through the next plexus of your body that is connected to a different part of the brain, to a different part of your experience, to a different part of the subtle body, to a different layer of your awareness.

Meaning, you have a physical awareness, you have an awareness of the subtle tingling sensations in your body. You have emotional awareness that may shift, and that may feel differently in different parts of your body. You have cognitive awareness, beliefs, ideas. You have intuitive awareness. You have bliss awareness, which most people, unfortunately, only experience a few times in their life, but they could be experiencing it almost all the time if they just learn how to access it, ‘cause it’s always there.

You have experience of vast spaciousness, and emptiness, the pureness of consciousness beyond this little ego personality. And most people get little glimpses of that throughout their life too. Kundalini can actually wire together all these different experiences at every subsequent part of the body along this so called central channel, through the core of the body up and out through the crown, and then returning back in and down again.

So it is possible, as in Dr. Morris’s case, to blast through everything virtually all at once. And that can be — if there are blockages or areas that aren’t wired together well yet because you haven’t had the opportunity to practice slowly running energy through them — it can be a traumatic experience like Dr. Morris had.

Fortunately, the KAP methodology as it now exists has so many safeguards, and so many ways of progressively opening up the body — although still quite rapidly — but we haven’t had anything like that happen. A lot of people read Dr. Morris’s first book, ad Dr. Morris’s opinion, back then, was that Kundalini pretty much had to be somewhat traumatic or else it wasn’t Kundalini.

He adjusted that idea in the last years of his life because both he, and his senior students: us, me, Santiago, and his friends Susan, other people who he worked with presenting Kundalini seminars, we all were able to successfully bring people through in a non traumatic way.

Doesn’t mean that it’s not still a big experience and there aren’t still life changing experiences that change your perception, but its not something has to be physically painful,. It doesn’t have to be emotionally painful, as long as you are willing to just sort of ride out the changes as they occur.

For some people that’s very difficult. For others it’s easy.

The methodology in KAP actually encourages the brain processes, and bodily processes that allow you to become more friendly and flexible to change, more adaptable and able to ride out those changes successfully both in spiritual life but also in your mundane life, so that you can go through these profound experiences in mediation and after your meditation sessions, but still, you know, drive a car safely, still balance your checkbook, still pay the bolls, still take care of the kids, etc., which is pretty important if you are a leading a western lifestyle, or even an eastern lifestyle that is anything other than ascetic.

If you wanna be a hermit in a cave, you don’t have to maintain, necessarily, a balanced perspective.

But if you want to take care of your family, and your friends, and your job, and everything else, and still have an expanded experience of who and what it is that you really are, and have this animating energy that gives you a connectedness and an instant fluidity between many different states of consciousness, KAP is a wonderful way of doing it.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

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