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From a live online Q&A, in this 1.5 minute video, KAP Instructor Tao Semko continues to answer the question, “What is Kundalini?” , this time from the perspective of metaphysics rather than the biological models, discussing enlightened body, enlightened speech/activity, and enlightened mind:

Video Transcription:

Kundalini in a mystical sense is often associated with the body of enlightenment. For instance in esoteric Buddhism they refer to enlightened body, enlightened speech or action, and enlightened mind. Enlightened mind is realization itself, the realization of one’s, you could say, deepest nature, of the deepest nature of all consciousness. And it’s an experiential realization, not an intellectual one.

So that’s enlightened mind. Enlightened speech or action is what radiates forth from that realization. And enlightened body is a body that sort of electrically conducts these experiences on a much more amplified level because the physiology has wired together more completely and it’s running in parallel instead of in serial (to use a computer metaphor).

You experience these various states and realizations — they’re not the same thing — on a much bigger scale. Everything feels bigger, seems bigger. It’s easier to absorb in those experiences. It’s easier for those experiences to become hardwired so that they’re constantly there as a background to your mundane existence.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

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