Video: “Kundalini Awakening: Spontaneous or Intentional?”

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In this video from a live online Q&A Session, KAP Instructor Tao Semko answers the question: “Kundalini Awakening: Spontaneous or Voluntary/Intentional?”

Video Transcription:

“Is Kundalini awakening spontaneous or could it be voluntary?”

And the answer to that is: it could be either. It is possible for Kundalini to arouse, or awaken, spontaneously within the human body because of the emotional circumstances, the environment, the particular physiological state that the body is in at the time.

And, as I posted in some previous videos which are available on our blog on, there’s five basic things that have to be present to guarantee Kundalini arousal and awakening, especially if you want it to become a permanent physiological change, and a permanent shift in consciousness in the human body. So you can go and review those, they’re on the blog.

But to answer this first question, which is a good one, you can voluntarily bring about Kundalini awakening, and that’s exactly what Kundalini Awakening Process is about, and what any of the various traditional techniques from many different cultural and religious traditions that bring about these physiological and spiritual changes are designed to do.

So yes, it can be a voluntary change. But it’s also possible for it to have awakened spontaneously at some point during your life. We can get into some of the circumstances under which that sometimes happens.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

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