Online KAP Level 1 Weekend Intensive with Tao Semko

February 23-25, 2018:
Friday night, US Eastern Standard Time: one-hour introduction
Saturday & Sunday days, US EST: live online intensive
(schedule below)

In addition to the live online intensive, your tuition includes Tao Semko’s entire pre-recorded online streaming KAP1 course consisting of 12 Lessons and 60+ guided practice sessions, with additional text materials!

All times listed below are US EST (UTC-5)

Friday night
8pm-9pm : technology orientation, Introduction: What it Takes to Awaken & Fully Integrate Kundalini

Breathing, Emotions, Polarity, Cultivation, and Circulation
10am: grounding, posture and tongue placement, opening the body, and breathing methods
12noon: emotional/sensory amplification
1pm: Meal Break
2pm: cultivating and circulating energy and working with polarity: the lower dan’tien, microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits, and five point breathing/five gates breathing
The Elements and Chakras:
4:30pm: Earth
5:30pm Water (and sensing exercises)
6:30pm Finish

The Elements and Chakras, continued
10am-10:45am: Practice of Sunday’s Material
11am: Fire (and palpation exercises)
11:45am: Wind (and basic qi healing)
12:30pm: Forms of Elemental Alchemy
1pm Meal Break
2pm Void
–Time and Space
3pm–One-Pointed Mind
–Fractal Unity
— integration and the ascending and descending current…
4pm–Viewing Energy
4:30pm–Damo’s Cave: Synthesis of reason and contextualization with sensory-intuitive experience
5:00pm Unified Practice: Feeding the Chakras

Q&A available throughout the following week and beyond…

Complete online materials (manuals and pre-recorded audio and video) and follow-up support after the workshop.

Tuition for KAP 1 is normally $594, which includes both the workshop, online prerecorded streaming video and text material, and future personal follow-up via video chat appointments. The discounts listed above may be applied to reduce tuition, and payment plans are also available.

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Customized Payment Plans Available:
Customized payment plans are available via Paypal subscription, with a surcharge of $5 per payment.

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Application to learn KAP
As with all KAP classes and workshops, you must complete an application process and be accepted. Re-attending students need only update any out-of-date information in their questionnaire. If you are turned down for any reason after applying, your tuition will be refunded immediately (back in your account in 2-5 business days depending on how your financial institution processes the refund)

Complete your Application as follows:
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  • Tuition Payment (fully & immediately refundable if student is turned down)