Dr. Morris’s Method: Using Physiological Principles to Harmonize Kundalini Awakening and Integration

The above video is Senior Instructor Tao Semko’s talk at the Emerging Sciences Foundation 2021 Symposium, beginning with a little on Tao’s early kundalini experiences, then going with Santiago Dobles to meet Dr. Glenn J. Morris and experiencing Dr. Morris’s work, cross pollination and mutual contributions back-and-forth, and then more specifics on using physiological principles to harmonize kundalini awakening and integration.

YouTube Summary:

How endocrine networking, neuroplastic learning, vagal resets, tactile & emotional re-patterning, fascial/fluid dynamics, and the empirical principles of Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Ph.D., ScD, can be systematically applied for balanced Kundalini awakening and integration. This somatic overlay improves contextualization, grounding, self-soothing, processing of amplified experience and sensation, and access to continuums of awareness, memory, creativity, emotion, and expression.
For over two decades Tao Semko has assisted individuals in safely and fully awakening and integrating Kundalini via traditional yogas, alchemical qigong, and the empirically-based modern syncretic methods of Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD, ScD.

Tao also helps individuals regain personal agency while somatically navigating, contextualizing, processing, and integrating non-normative states experienced as a result of trauma/PTSD, meditation, breathwork, heightened emotion or pleasure, entheogens, shamanism, kundalini rising or deflection, & spiritual emergence.

These states can include absorption/samadhi/laya, fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses, energy sensations and surges, sudden heat & pressure changes, body undulations & trembling (kriyas), dissociation, spaciness & depersonalization, excessive or diminished empathy, fugue states, idiopathic pain, visions, apparitions, synesthesia, bliss/ecstasy, being stuck in bubbles of time and space, time distortion, déjà vu, and spatial wobbles.

You can learn more about Tao at https://taosemko.com/

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