Neuroscientist Gabriel Axel: What is Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP)?

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Gabriel travels internationally on the academic speaking circuit. He speaks both English and Spanish fluently. To contact Gabriel to book a KAP 1 or 2 workshop in English and/or Spanish, or for online lessons in KAP with a focus on it’s neurobiology, email info @ gabrielaxel . com (remove spaces).

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Video Transcription:

KAP is a system of modern and traditional principles for awakening and integrating the neurobiological changes associated with what has traditionally been referred to as Kundalini.

KAP brings together the power of meditation, visualization, breath, movement, and emotion amplification to stoke and guide the rewiring of the nervous and endocrine system. The results are the progressive opening of the physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities of the human being.

And this all unfolds in a way that is unique to the individual as well as correspondent to human neurobiology.

Who can practice KAP?

The good news is that anyone from all walks of life can practice KAP. And this can include actors, leaders, executives, waiters, laborers, tradespersons, clinicians, therapists, full-time parents, and the list goes on and on.

What are the benefits of KAP?

The benefits of KAP basically start from the awakening, focus and recruitment of the functionalities of body and mind, beyond the baseline level. And then this can start unfolding as an increased ability to manage daily stress, an increased ability to amplify and manage the emotions that you have at will, unlock access to the creative unconscious, and facilitated access to non-ordinary states and traits of consciousness.

KAP also puts into place the building blocks for the further development of wisdom.

What do I need to start practicing KAP?

First the guidance of a qualified instructor, meaning someone who has gone through the awakening and integration of their own Kundalini process so that they understand the kind of blocks that can be encountered along the way and how to work those through and smooth them out. Beyond that, you need your body, and a willingness to practice a cumulative of 40 minutes a day whether that’s altogether or separated out according to your personal schedule.

In a few words…

Overall, KAP is an adaptive life practice for the integration of consciousness. It fosters grounded embodiment at the same time as access to, and cultivation of non-ordinary consciousness. It’s a non-dogmatic methodology that doesn’t require that the practitioner forgo any existing affiliations or creed. And on the whole it’s just a great way to make life bigger and more plentiful.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens