Paul Densmore on three popular Dude-Bro practice fads that actually have synergistic effects on cultivation

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Instructor Paul Densmore talks about 3 popular techniques (Fasting, Cold Exposure, No-FAP) that are older than the hype, have a synergistic effect with each other (which often doesn’t get any PR…but will within the video) and also have beneficial correlations with KAP.

Video Transcription:

All right. So I haven’t done one of these in a while, but it’s going to be a short video, and I do mean short. So I’m not going to go too much into the practices, and techniques, etc., that I’m going to mention.

There’s a lot of information available on Google. Plus, I find that so many people want you to spend 90 minutes talking about something that they could do a simple two minute practice and experience themselves. So I don’t want to rob you of the benefit of you’re own findings and muddy the waters.

But I want to talk about three things that I found have a synergistic effect not only with each other but with KAP. And oddly enough they’re pretty popular these days, and they’re considered “dude-bro” practices and I kind of wanted to dispel some of those myths, and talk about an effect that doesn’t often get mentioned unless you really corner someone and kind of make them talk about it because it gets into this sort of woo-woo aspect of it and, you know, these are marketed more as health practices, etc.

So again that’s where they get into sort of the dude-bro things because a lot of body builders and people, health related, people do them.

The first is No-FAP, okay? And specifically the 90-day no PMO rest which is excellent for males. Now for females, you can either do the hard reset, the 90-day you know — and PMO it means porn, masturbation, orgasm. Again, a lot of females, a lot of women that I know have problems connecting to the orgasm so it might be beneficial more to just cut out the porn aspect if that is becoming…but if you’re spending too much time, you know, if you’re addicted to masturbation or orgasm, and I’m — and this is in no way condemning porn, condemning masturbation, etc., etc.

There’s a perfect time and place for everything. But this is if you have a serious addiction to it, sort of, and a lot of us do have that to some degree, you know. So even the questions that I answered before about lust: this is something that can really help, help with you and the good thing about it is if you cut out porn, and this includes something and is connected to something that we tend to do too much these days even when we get into relationships, you know, everything’s in our head, and so we always, you know, “send nudes,” etc.

And it’s like, why do we do that? Wouldn’t you rather, rather than look at your partners naked body, wouldn’t you rather have that and touch them, and have them experience pleasure along with you. So it’s — and it goes way beyond even sex. I think a lot of our things these days that we have, I don’t want to say problems, but I will, is because we’re disconnected with reality, you know.

And again, problems is not the right word for it. Um, but it’s we look at these pictures and everything’s in our heads, and the funny thing about it is this is considered a dude-bro practice but it does, within males, it does tend to bring out the feminine aspect.

David Deida, Mark Manson, several others mention, whether scientific facts or just common knowledge, that men we’re very visual and we tend to think, you know, a lot of it tends to be cerebral and so when you cut out that aspect, where you’re watching and looking, and/or reading etc. and then having these — or even if you don’t have that and you’re just having these digital, you know, videos playing your head while you’re frantically trying to get off, then you know that disconnects us from reality and I think it has placement even outside of our sexual expressions. How we elate to our environments. How we relate to people. How we relate to tasks and our goals and etc.

So, and it does tend to harm partnerships. Trust me on this. It really does. The whole instant gratification, consolation prize, with send nudes etc., it just does not work. I mean it can work you know. You can work it. But it’s, it really is a lot easier, especially if you found and, even if you haven’t really realized it yet, but if you go back and take a look at some things that may have damaged past relationships you will probably find that these have some placement within them. Okay?

Again, going through these pretty quick. Fasting, okay? Here are the three protocols you may or may not know, but I’ve done very many fasts over the lat couple of years. I call it nonstop fasting because I go through different fasts, and I try out these different methods every single day.

Here are the ones I found that work best. Dry fasting, but only for 24 hours which is funny because a lot of experts say you’re not technically dry fasted until at least 24 hours. But I do think doing too much over that can hurt you especially if you don’t follow the correct protocol for coming back into being rehydrated etc., you can really damage yourself.

So I found that 24 hours is more than enough to do it especially if you’re taking care of yourself during the other times, and you’re not just eating a shit ton of McDonald’s, you know, then going into a dry fast. That may not have much of an effect for you.

Intermittent fasting. I call this the Louisiana Tech protocol because the first time I heard about it was on a radio program and they were the ones that were touting this which was funny because it was on a national radio program, and Louisiana Tech’s like 20 minutes away from me. It’s where my brother got his bachelors and masters before going on to his doctorate.

And so it’s the 18-6 protocol. So fasting for 18 hours, eating 6, especially within 8am to 2pm time frame. And I find that really only works if you’re doing a keto or cyclical keto, especially cyclical keto where like say you’re doing keto for six days and then you have a cheat day, etc. And then the other protocol which is one of my favorites and it’s the one that I’ve been doing on a weekly basis later which is a 72 hour plus bone broth fast.

I limit myself to three cups — and that’s actual measuring cups, about three three and a half cups — of broth, of bone broth per day. But I do add in a keto coffee with the MCT oil, the grass fed butter and Himalayan pink salt, etc., and organic coffee, or tea. I’ll use matcha sometimes. So roughly my calories are staying within 200 to 350, somewhere around there per day which is not much at all especially for 70 — more than 72 hours.

Okay. But these three things — again the specific things that they tend to work on and these things do get mentioned then later on I’ll talk about the synergistic effect of all of them and the effect that doesn’t get mentioned.

Um Nema, the esoteric writer, N-e-m-a, in one of her books talks about doing a fast and then working on the root chakra, like having food in front of you and then you know fighting. But if you’ve done fasting a lot then you can have food in front of you and its not a big issue.

This is more for people who don’t often fast, and it’s sort of the dealing with these ideas of gimme-gimme-gimme, like “I got to have that,” you know. “If I don’t eat I’m gonna die.” And has basis within some of the other negative root chakra aspects which is, you know, like not having enough, being insecure, not being rooted etc., which again goes into that whole gimme-gimme-gimme instant gratification that we talked about earlier. So, you know, all of these things are clearing out the chakras.

And you will notice if you do these that they will clear out the chakras. One thing I might not have noticed within the No-Fap — and again Google search — the 90 day non PMO, so you don’t watch porn, you don’t masturbate, or orgasm for 90 days. That’s the hard reset. The softer reset is where you can orgasm if you have a partner and you know etc.

But they do say to do the 30 days at least of no orgasming. So it — we were just coming off of November so that if you if you participate within, you know, “No Nut November” then, you know it shouldn’t be any— shouldn’t be hard to do that reset for you.

Okay. Um, the last one is cold exposure and especially the Wim Hof method. The Wim Hof breathing, not really Tummo, it often gets labeled as dude-bro Tummo. But if you’ve done actual Tummo practices you will notice that the effects are very differently — different. Tummo of course, you know, you can feel the fire.

I have literally warmed, it was like below freezing and we didn’t have central heat in our house at that time, the house that I lived in, and literally warmed the room enough where I had to turn off the little space heater that we had, the electric space heater and it stayed warm for the rest of the night. The whole rest of the house freezing cold. That one room was off the charts warm, and that was just from me doing different Tummo practices. But it is, the Wim Hof method, is extremely useful and effective for not only cold exposure, but especially for cold exposure.

That goes along with a five minute cold shower. And you can do a contrast shower like I usually do where you turn it on really warm and you take your regular shower very quickly, you know, you soap off and do all that then you turn all the hot water off and then you just, for five minutes, you do your thing in the cold shower. You just stand there and get hit basically.

This really is useful for getting in touch with our excuses. It’s so easy to make excuses and say “ah… screw that” Our cringing, like our internal cringing, and a lot of solar plexus stuff. Our will. Our striving towards goals. Our running towards pleasure and away from not pleasurable or pain, or whatever, or even just how easy it is for us to give up etc., and other things that I can’t currently think of but later I’ll be like “Oh yeah, I should of mentioned that.”

Now, you may have noticed these are three old hardcore practices that are usually involved within, you know, some sort of monastic meditation or religious or spiritual path: celibacy, fasting, and some form of austerity or giving up pleasure, you know. Some form of giving up pleasure.

And so they’re very effective. They have synergistic effects with each other, so if you’re going top do them, I would recommend doing them all together if you can be that hardcore. That’s what I do, you know?

And it is, it is hardcore. Trust me. But it is — sometimes we need to be hardcore with ourselves. But you can do them little bits at a time, you know: whatever works for you, your mentality, your personality, etc. Find some way to incorporate these. Now the effect that doesn’t get mentioned, before I run out of space on my phone, and that’s: being drawn to bad habits.

It has a meditative effect and KAP also has this effect, and so they really work very synergistically with KAP as well and that’s being drawn to bad habits. Again, the Kundalini process, you know, it’s almost as if the blueprint of the mind-body etc. is resetting and so we’re being drawn to certain things, you know. Bad habits that we may not be aware of. Or we may be aware of.

But if we’re aware of them, what’s the source. And so you can tend to find yourself dislocated within a memory and drawn to even a repressed memory, and drawn to something within that memory that is the source of traumas, bad habits, annoying things, you know.

The things that make you slap your head and go “I’m my own worst enemy and why the hell did I do that, etc” as well as, and I think this probably has, especially within fasting and cold exposure, has something to do with the decrease in inflammation, and all three of these things that I mentioned., the effects may have again —

Video cuts off. Concluded in second video.

All right, and the last thing I wanted to mention before I got cut off is: muscular armoring. These things are very good at rooting out muscular armoring that may correlate and tie in with the other two things that I mentioned, you know, the held in traumas etc.

But, um, these things that may be holding you back, excuse me, that may be holding you back from whatever it is that you want to do in life. So, literally that was it. I was almost done, and it got cut off, so now, boom. Thank you very much and hope to do another one of these soon. Awesome.

Transcription by Spencer Stevens

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